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Bier de Stone

The accountant

This movie was interesting and full of satisfying suspense.

While it contains violence, the plot's approach to justifying it truly makes a person wonder whether their idea of ethics has been breached. Personally, I feel the job of an accountant cannot be beat as one of the most boring career choices a person can make, but this movie depicts the possibilities that are available to people in the free world.

The Accountant is a title which falls under my rules for dismissing flicks beginning with the word "a, the, an", but because it is rated R, and because the starring roles are played by actors who I've enjoyed in the past (Affleck, Kendrick), I made an exception. I'm anxious to see another Affleck flick and compare it with this one soon.

One of the things I have little tolerance for is movies containing darkened, night scenes. This is why I prefer drama over action. It seems suspense and action rely on lowly lit scenes to increase the audience's anxiety for the safety of the main character, but a drama centered plot like Manchester by the Sea might not require that sort of suspense.

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