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Didn't I already do a B-Story, or, wasn't there an attempt at it in the "highschool" treatments?

I don't remember where I heard it, but there was a celebrity being interviewed by somebody (I don't know who) and she had said that she remembered a time when her parents wouldn't let their children play with Jews. This was described as being commonly acceptable among neighboring families too as she declared the reason being that they were "money lenders" and for awhile I had to think. What? Like bookies? etc. And then I start brainstorming about the holocaust. I mean, weather it was a Nazi idea that the Jewish people in their country were all money lender type shysters. It's difficult thinking in this frame of mind, but I honestly couldn't find a B-Story for ACT TWO. I still don't know where Evil Otto fits in, but the premise for using the Nazi Youth Hunter fit so perfectly with the name Otto because, I guess, lots of Germans used this name.

As far as dialog goes, the whole scene seems like a cheap attempt at deus-ex-machina which I try to stay away from. Also, somehow it seems that I would be able to justify the reason for the unfaithfulness on Bier's part. The whole Nazi thing, the head banging, and now it would seem the scientifically proven CTE discovery (which describes Bier to a cue). In the attempt to try to turn the tables by having the high school gf using the cheating to dump Bier, as opposed to the real reason which would be finding out what kind of guy he really is: forgetful, high strung, borderline sadistic, etc.

I wanted to try to jump back and forth like I did in the previous sequence, but that would've probably resulted in losing my train of thought for this B-story concept which I don't know how far it'll go, but suffice it to say that they jump in Bier's car again and head toward one of the buildings which they vandalized to see whether SHE on TV4 lives there, but really, I guess, where I have to go with this chase is these two pot heads driving to various different houses which only Bier knew was the one where SHE on TV4 lived. Off the top of my head, I am thinking I would like to make this destination on Griswold and Colorado in Eagle Rock because of a scandal I read about murder or something in that area.
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