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Dendera Reliefs

The walls are decorated with human figures next to bulb-like objects reminiscent of oversized light bulbs. Inside these "bulbs" there are snakes in wavy lines. The snakes' pointed tails issue from a lotus flower, which, without much imagination, can be interpreted as the socket of the bulb. Something similar to a wire leads to a small box on which the air god is kneeling. Adjacent to it stands a two-armed djed pillar as a symbol of power, which is connected to the snake. Also remarkable is the baboon-like demon holding two knives in his hands, which are interpreted as a protective and defensive power.

The other day, somebody at work reminded me how good the TV series Fargo was and I began to watch the show's second season all over again. For some odd reason a thought came to me as the show depicted a UFO illuminating the ground where various people witness this oddity. Since that day I had witnessed something like a fireball out of the sky, starting from the point where the Draco constellation was, and traveling SSW across the sky ending at about where Scorpio, or just past Orion might be positioned, I felt that if there are aliens in the universe, they're probably reptilian. You know that heirogphyic symbol of a lightbulb which archeologists believe was a source of light the Egyptians developed? It is a bulb-like shape with a slithery snake in the middle. I was wondering whether this symbol might be the ways in which the Egyptians communicated with the aliens who helped them build the pyramids.

What doesn't make sense, if there is a likelihood that the Dendera Lightbulb is in fact an alien entering our world thru some kind of portal that the Egyptians created, why aliens from outer space as depicted by humans are characteristically described like snakes in that they have a big head, large eyes, skinny limbs but their skin isn't exemplified much. Where I'm going with this idea is simply that, in the animal kingdom, one might think that species of animals, as they progress over time, develop thick skins. Turtles, elephants, lizards, etc. And if the reptilian like creatures that the Egyptians were capable of conjuring up thru their portals were ancient beings, then maybe they didn't have scaly skin when they visited the earth back then.

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