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This is what freaks me out about myself. Today I went for a cup of coffee. Hmmm, it was good. From there I decided to call it a day but there wasn`t anywhere to park outside my apt. I made a trip around the block, noticed something going on with a firetruck stationed near a car that seemed to be out of commission due to a collision, and came down the street in the other direction. No such luck.

I said to myself, it`s just too damn early to call it a day. I decided to look for that one coffee shop in downtown I forget what it`s called. Ended up having buffalo wings somewhere else. Hmmm. Delicious.

Now, the weirdness begins. Upon parking, I simply got out of my car, adjusted my belt, for I had to take my MP3s, and went on in, first stop the lavatory. After dinner, I return to my car for a cigarette. That`s all. I light it up and take a walk around the lot.

After that, i was torn from calling it a day since the night was young and the dusk barely began to set in, the crescent moon shining brighter each minute that passed. Well, I said, be adult about it. One beer is enough. So I got in my car, adjusted my belt, because I don`t like sitting on my MP3s, and pulled out. Couple blocks down the road I noticed my rearview mirror a bit slanted. Not a bit, considerably crooked. Where, how did that happen?!

Yeah, I have a dangling little Sunset Strip air freshener that sometimes gets in the way, but that`s not attached to any part of the rearview mirror that moves. Also, I have a black tarp to cover the dash from the sun, and hide the dust which I don`t clean, but I was nowhere near that when I parked. THAT is weird. This isn`t the first time either. Jeepers, I swear, it`s beginning like those phone calls I get for Sonia which succeeded to dispel any intent on picking up my LAN line whenever it rings.
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