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More Pet Deaths Tallied on Websites† by AG §c1, Pappas telecasting weighs tale of Los Angeles station† by MJ §c6, Turtles stand out in a theater crowd‡ by JF §c2, Media giants to take on YouTube☠ by MJ §a1

Just yesterday I was looking for unicode fonts on my computer. I wanted to find the skull and crossbones symbol (unicode 2620), but I wasn't able to find it. I still don't know how to use unicode to generate any given symbol on an html document. I've been busy learning css and giving this community tmtwngm a new look. It's been something I've always wanted to do but just never had the time to do it.
    What that means is that I'll probably start uploading my illustrations to this lj blog instead of, which is currently being altered as well. Once I convince myself I'm totally satisfied with this style, I'll change the style I'm using on my user account to something more interesting. I do these things to humour myself—the cartooning hobby—as things can get pretty grim and if I don't make myself laugh at some of life's curveballs, I totally become depressed. We can't have that! so, as much as the cartooning bit takes away from my desire to do other things, hopefully this blog will attract other bloggers and zinesters. That is who I'm focusing my main target audience on, not to mention screenwriters. I feel that creative types who spend time doodling funny little comic strips are the ultimate candidates for movie making.
† March 27, 2007
‡ March 26, 2007
☠ March 22, 2007

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