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Iguana eats italian veggies

Yesterday I had tried to film feeding time with Mildred on my account, but I really don't know what I'm doing when I use the Action Cam for live streaming. I would like to livestream with it on Periscope but for now I'm just going to concentrate on vlogging my iguana's feeding time with the ustream server since it's the only way I've managed to make headway following the how-to videos

Incidentally, after I tried live streaming for the first time (some time last month), I wasn't able to program the HDR-AZ1 so that it simply records footage to the memory chip. I suppose I can dig up some how-to videos on doing that, but I'm even having a hard time erasing the videos from my trip to Sturgis last year. Or was that two years ago? Recalling what the Sony salesman advised when downloading videos to the computer, he said that I should try to download it from the camera itself. In other words, not to try to remove the microSD card and use an external drive to access the footage because "that would corrupt the memory chip." He wasn't kidding. Now I'm worries whether I'll have to buy another chip because this one 64GB is unresponsive to attempts at erasing.

I've been called to jury duty and am scheduled for the week of Super Tuesday. So, today at work I untied my hair from my pony tail and suffered the consequence as it frizzed out. I guess I'm going to make it a trademark of mine whenever I show up to the courtrooms like this. I don't think anybody else does it, and don't get me wrong, it is very embarrassing. I'm hoping that the future of hair styles will find this natually curly look acceptable one day and any pictures that I may appear in this way will strike a thought of time travel in people.

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