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Worst customer ever came in today. I'm beginning to think that Thrusdays suck for me. And, ironically enough, the profession of this particular individual seeking service was lausd material. Ugh. I can tell you story after story in this blog for each time a troubling customer seems to have nothing better on their mind other than to ¶syche me out by
  1. asking me questions before I'm finished executing their previous request
  2. give me the impression that they need something. Wait until I'm half done doing what they request. Then say, "oh, nevermind."
  3. Saying stuff to me like "The other lady said…" as if I am female myself.
  4. Remind me that I'm a wanna be writer/cartoonist/musician with a miserable existance here in Los Angeles

    There's also the co-worker issue, you know. I constantly have to keep reminding myself why it is that I like my co-worker. Literally. How insane is it that the only person I truly enjoyed working with left to work at another location, and when I tried to take advantage of the transfer opportunity, I wasn't offered the job.
    But there really is more to it than that. I feel so negative about some of the changes taking place. The new cases that are being manufactured for the vids are causing me pain, but the new system for charging fees to readers have caused the same havock, it seems, to my nemesis. We have a pink paper slip system which we write names and dates for readers and pick-up dates. If an item isn't picked up by the DATE, a fee is incurred onto the customer. Sweet. Before this little rule began, some co-workers were bounding books for multi-book readers with rubber bands and hoarding all the pink slips for recycling purpose. I imagine they do this because they're too lazy to walk outside and toss their recycled used pink slip in the recyling bin.
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