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My indian summer

It was 1752 when this country adopted the new calendar system. In accordance with Inter gravissimas. September 3 was followed by September 14. Hmmn? Here's an SAT question. The year 1900 is to the year 2000 as:
  1. 1600 is to 1700
  2. 1700 is to 1800
  3. Tuesday is to Wednesday
  4. papal bull is to pit bull

    I got to work one hour early, just like everyone else in this city. My desktop 'puter didn't adjust the time automatically, but my laptop seems to be OK. Just as I've been perturbed about the Catholic church changing the way government sees the calendar year—and they say church and state are separate entities in a democracy—the wikipedia entry describing the transition from Julian to Gregorian calendars explains that the seven days of the week are to be unaffected by this adjustment for the sake of calculating end days of loans. Wasn't the whole point of this fix to calculate when Easter Sunday fell on? Since Easter is a holiday that isn't observed like the other holidays, on the following Monday, isn't it obvious that a weekday adjustment is in need?
    Now there's this daylight savings time fix. That's a government program, but it's not something devised in observance of a holiday. In fact, it screws many kids' plans this Halloween when they'll be required to stay up later so that it's dark enough for the monsters and gouls to roam the streets for candy. How sad.
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