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rejection notices from publishers

It's never an easy task making sense of what producers are after when they suggest edits to one's screenplay
WebLank – "Reject letters"

I remember when I signed myself up for one of those two year trade tech college courses. The electricity courses as my major didn't fall through and I selected commercial art instead. I think the thing that stuck in my mind was the way my design teacher explained projects from a freelance perspective. I say freelance only because each assignment was printed in a fictitious business letterhead as if it was produced by the freelance artist himself. I remember thinking, wouldn't that be easy if a commercial artist could create his own assignments by simply printing them up on a letterhead that he himself designed.

I kept all my homework for the longest time, but one day, while I was trying to make space to store more junk in my house, I began reviewing my old schoolwork. All this time I had placed on the back burner plans to emulate a real freelance artist by keeping a phony filing system filled with business correspondence from design firms. Why? Jeez, who knows? That's how my creative brain works I guess. I'm sure you can understand why such a project would be all but forgotten about.

It's been years and decades since my school days and this little comp seemed ideal in my quest to approach the editing stages for a writing project. I needed to get my thoughts straight, but it seemed no matter how I went about it, they'd always get scrambled or amiss in a haywire frenzy. I needed to create a timeline, or an outline at the very least, to refer to when I began to stray from the immediate objective: produce a finished first draft of a screenplay. I figured, if my instructions were on letterhead as if from a correspondence file, they wouldn't get lost. This is the first one so far. We'll see how it goes.

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