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The editing process

Day after the end of the world

How many times can I do a do over? My laptop doesn't have a cd rom drive and I'm puzzled over figuring out how to download some application software by connecting the laptop to the desktop. But when I try to google it, none of the search results point me to what I'm trying to do, install an a writing program. I also want to spend time creating links to interesting sites on the Internet pointing to noteworthy mentions from this conspiracy video about 9/11 that I transcribed. I don't know how long I'll be able to stand working on my old clunkewr desktop computer before I make the decision to upgrade. Right now I'm just glad I haven't made an attempt to connect the clunker to the Internet. It wouldn't work properly anyways. It would drag and constantly be "buffering" for any little thing I did, such as visiting a simple website. An online connection would only lead to disappointment as the ol' iMac desktop computer would constantly crash in the middle of buffering, causing doubt whether it truly crashed and needs a reboot, or if it needs a little more time to display the page. Ugh.

I went to record day at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. It was around 8pm. There were lots of people there. I must've met at least 5. Very friendly. I finally got around to picking up a BLS album. It was either that or LAMB OF GOD's latest LP VII: Sturm und drang. I'm glad I got what I bought. I even recognize some of the songs from radio play, though it's hard finding a radio station these days, here in Los Angeles, that will play this stuff.


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