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40 year old virgin

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The perfect heresy is the book I'm reading in an effort to find a reference to a certain phrase spoken by a famous female heretic of Languedoc (Catalonia). "In my full view"; but I'm under the impression I read this phrase in another book, possibly The yellow cross. Skimming the pages wasn't effective for me so I'm just trying to read these books again, from cover to cover.
    Yesterday I finally took the time to read the screenplay for 40 year old virgin. I thought mediæval history was difficult, there's no slower read than one's own screenplay. I'm so transfixed with the similarities of 40 year old, that I'm convinced if I restructure, my own story just might have a chance. There's so many similarities to myself in 40 year old. David's celibacy resulting from a broken heart due to Amy's behavior, Amy's disposition when their path's cross again, Kathy (character from The office), played by Mindy Kaling, portraying Amy in 40 year old, last scene of The office exclaiming "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…", there's a slight reference to masonry in the name Beth. I don't know what it is but I do recall seeing it printed somewhere as a relevant character in history, but I'm not referencing short versions of Elizabeth. The fact that twice this movie contains some dialog addressing pussy goddesses is key. Plus, Aboojay's constant blurb of his favorite expletive "Go fuck a goat".
    It's funny how the part of Paul, the Circuit City manager, was changed to Paula in the end. One of the things I find disturbing is when, in the movie, Andy takes Trish to Benihana's Restaurant. When Trish exclaims to the hostesses that her bf is also having a b-day and could they please sing to him AND bring him a b-day cake, I totally believed that it was an aging hearing thing on her part, not that she was only trying to get a free b-day cake. Never would've caught on to Trish had I not seen an episode of The new adventures of old Christine in which Christine goes to her local restaurant, where they too observe birthdays, to get her friends a birthday cake for free (regardless of it being their birthday).
    What's so disturbing is when the montage, in the movie, of Andy spending time (on dates) so as to give the impression that 20 dates have lapsed, one scene shows him receiving a brand new bike as if it is his birthday. This scene obviously clears up any confusion of Trish's intentions at Benihana's. I recall the part, in her lines at another restaurant (second date), when she explains to Andy, if they should do this again, maybe they ought not have sex that Andy reminds her of it at her house, saying this first one doesn't count.
    I love comparing the screenplay with the film to get into the heads of the different characters; there's so many changes that were made, and I want to know why and how. Considering all the changes, the official MS must look like a rainbow stack of 8-½ × 11" stickies.

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