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None great things happen. Took a leave from work and I'm stuck at home because my car is in the shop and my doctor says I shouldn't be riding my motorcycle just yet. I've been trying to finish my book, but I'm such a slow reader, I get tired of the plot the moment it becomes not so much a page turner. So I'm slowly making the transition to regular life, including cleaning chores and all. Today was laundry day but I can only manage a fraction of the load I usually do. What scares me now is, nobody seems to know what an appendix is good for, but what if its use is an alarming sort of indication to slow down.

I remember when I forced myself to go to work on Monday when my gut was telling me 'don't do it.' The next day I called in sick and visited urgent care to get a professional point of view. That was February 9.

It's been a crazy ride. I've never really had to stay over night at a hospital before. I can't say I don't miss the pampering. All the nice clean linen and attention, breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed. The moment they rolled in another patient into my room I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable unless I was home.

I'll do another half load of laundry tomorrow and start cleaning the bathroom. Today I only got as far as reading several pages, so I'm hoping by uploading this illustration I'll get it out of my system to try and be creative. I'm pretty sure Trump will get the California vote. I remember how Californians were so uppity when Schwartzeneggar was governor. We really wanted to see an everyday person up there in the white house -- like when Reagan was there. Trump seems like the perfect klutz to squeeze the rhetoric out of politicians who think they're so smart when they brag about what a great plan they have for the country's recovery.

Even though I'm home all day, I've begun transferring the monologue for a youtube 'conspiracy' video on my typewriter. I think this project is going to go beyond the free time I have left from work. It's exhausting because I'm transcribing everything off of my stereo cassette deck AND my vintage Pioneer SA720 doesn't have a remote so I'm like glued right next to it sitting on a bench writing everything down with pen and paper before typing it all on the typewriter. It's eye opening shit, to say the least.

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