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Switching hats

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I can't begin to explain how much fun I've been having at work the past three months. Now, it seems that the responsibilities placed upon us workerbees will alternate. I was enjoying doing practically nothing for a good long time, but now that seems to be coming to an end. My tax preparer said that the minimum limit I need to qualify for itemizing my tax returns is 5K. I doubt that's going to happen for 2006, but I'm going to watch how much is spent in supplies since ordering supplies has been given as one of my responsibilities. Thank GOD it's only for three months.
    Another annoying task is searching for lost items. This report is generated almost daily. When will I have time to read my E-mail? Incidently, the E-mail duty was completely forgotten in the redistribution of work duties and nobody seems to be blessed with checking E-mail twice a day. Also on my platter, I get to see all the cool books that get delivered. Well, technically, the cool books are the teen books, but I never read any of the graphic novels anyway. My idea of cool reading is the stuff that eventually gets adopted for the big screen. I keep telling myself, some day I'll finish this screenplay I'm obsessed with, but here I am talking to you all.
    I didn't feel like being funny this week with one of my memorable illustrations. Life is hard, what can I say. Although I find myself sometimes laughing at my own jokes (as told in my head, to myself), I never get `round to putting that down on paper, Coming up with a graphic image is that much more arduous. I expect one day it'll appear as though I've dropped out of the blogging scene, but that will be as a result of building up tmtwngm. If that occurs, I'll probably pop in to say 'hi' and redirect my readers (lol) to the "community" I'm preparing.

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