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2016 © blanket sin – "Brownie Camera"

I've accumulated seven pages of typed monologue. I was considering uploading updates page by page as I type it up, but what discouraged me about that is the vision I have of including hyperlinks. Scanning pages into my iMac and creating the links, not to mention watching the youtube video again while I follow the dialog, pausing to jot down sticky notes of captions I missed from transcribing off a cassette tape would be more time consuming and possibly cause me to abandon the project. I seem to be halfway done, according to the magnetic tape in the cassette.

I received a coupon in the mail to splurge on myself at a sporting goods store. I picked up a free pair of inline skates. Now, I know how to skate on regular skates. Inline skates are riskier if only because more strain is put on the ankle constantly trying to balance oneself. I've heard stories about people breaking their ankle on them. I hope that doesn't happen to me, but I couldn't think of anything more recuperating than spending a day at the beach learning to skate on these things while I clear my head of the lies and deception that the nine-eleven video suggests.

You know, normally I would be typing this on the typewriter. Preferably in screenplay format. However, because this project is taking all of my time, getting me down and upset, paranoid and psychotic, I couldn't bring myself to do that (mainly because there is still a sheet of half typed paper sticking out of the typewriter from the youtube video project.) Long term goals on the skates is that I'll get good enough to wear a backpack with this little brownie camera so that I can take some creative pictures around town. Catch up with me then.


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