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I exercised today parking on the street and walking thru a parking lot to BestBuy

TV Times dating from 2001 with unexplained numbers
TV Times

What a trip. The other day I sat myself in front of my typewriter and just began to type whatever came into my head. I've been trying to write this way to save my wrist from necessary wear when I put pencil to paper (before I then transfer all of it into type.) BTW, it's a real drag having to run to the other room to look up a room. Where my ty[pewrter was before, I only can to swivel my chair to look up a word. I didn't proof read my finished page before scanning into my blog and when I finished updating my blog — it's a process of scanning, formatting to the right size, uploading it, grabbing the url and inserting it into my asLJ app, etc. — I took a step back to read it. I didn't expect some of the mistakes I made, not so much in grammar as in spelling.

Now a days, the computer will auto correct everything making me look smart. For instance, I didn't really know how to spell "swivel" above until my mac fixed it for me. Well, I just found it strange because, for instance, I know what I wanted to say when I wrote "I'm now reading a biography on…" but somehow my fingers typed "I'm not read a biography on…" I do, however, know how to spell peers, but my lazy brain almost always to spell it piers.

I found an old TV guide. I never understood the number that were listed next to each show. I'll give you an example. The Simpsons is listed on channel 11, but following the title, there are unique numbers I never understood. I could find no explanation for the strange numbers even now that the TV guide has sparked my curiosity on what America was watching just before nine-eleven.

I'm exhausted from just scanning this front cover of the local newspaper's TV guide. I'm thinking I might be able to tear myself away from vegging out in front of the boob tube by starting to update my blog again this way. I think I've already watched everything worth watching anyway. I just can't find nothing on on-demand anymore. I've cancelled my netflix and plan to wait awhile before I start it up again. That way, hopefully, I might have fun again browsing the list of movies I haven't seen yet and spending my evenings as a couch potato.

I went to Best Buy to get a USB cable because after re-arranging my computer room, the scanner is too far to hook up to the desktop. It didn't cost me much. I used a gift card that I received for x-mas as a bonus from work. I was struggling before having to move the scanner closer to the computer, or using the laptop which doesn't have half as many desktop publishing apps that my old clunker iMac has.

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