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Last night's episode of The office portayed Kelly (Mindy Kaling) in such a cute way. It was the perfect ending to a show I simply forgot to TiVo for the last couple seasons. I probably never would've reminded myself about tuning into The office if it wasn't for 30 rock. Since Rachel Dratch left SNL, I switched over to watching 30 rock and Studio 60. Actually, I just TiVo these shows if I find myself with nothing to do on a Saturday night and I'm impelled to watch SNL.
&nsp;   Another motive was 40 year old virgin. From the moment I learned Steve Carell would have his own sitcom, I tuned in out of curiosity; just never making it a habit. If you want to go back further, from watching the film Your friends & neighbors, I became a CK fan (I even bought a bottle of CK one). Then I saw 40 year old virgin, and now I'm a MK fan.
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