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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for December 2015

From Twitter, Saturday, 12-5-2015

11:56 PM - @slavezombie: I've never known a machine with so much sass as the laptop that forces me to type a password to awaken it from it's sleep.

From Twitter, Sunday, 12-6-2015

3:37 PM - @Molly_Kats: Actual footage of my life
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3:38 PM - @slavezombie: Rawr. Gotcha!
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From Twitter, Monday, 12-7-2015

10:44 AM - @MetalWreckage: Enter 2 win a @CrosleyRadio turntable or LPs by @Slayer @windhandva @torcheband #sweeps
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1:44 PM - @slavezombie: Dear @Foursquare, I don?t want something. I want somewhere.
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4:52 PM - @1followernodad: reminder:
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From Twitter, Friday, 12-11-2015

10:43 AM - @slavezombie: Dear @Foursquare, I don?t want something. I want somewhere.
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From Twitter, Monday, 12-21-2015

4:59 PM - @ThingsWork: This is a comparison between winter and summer solstices
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From Twitter, Tuesday, 12-29-2015

5:32 PM - @TheDaveLombardo: I was watching the news about #Lemmy this morning and #JeffHanneman made an appearance. @myMotorhead
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