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screenwriting blogs

  1. terminology (cheatsheet for screenwriting beginners)
      Learn the lingo used in screenwriting
  2. sex0 en un submarin0
      Sex in a submarine is my idol
      A dedicated blog focused on screenwriting
      One only has to absorb the name of this blog to get a feel for what it offers in this subcategory of writing
  3. terrible minds (ramblings of a screenwriter)
      The best kind of writing blogs are those that are maintained and up to date
  4. Feedspot
      Basically, this is what I'm trying to build with this entry of blogs
  5. Squibler
      Another cool site for screenwriting beginners
  6. LFTS
      Great for starving students into screenwriting
      The concept of reading a screenplay and watching the movie
  7. The world as seen by a TV comedy writer by Ken Levine
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