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Although I am scheduled to work on Saturday, my work week will be short. Of course the workplace will be closed for x-mas, but x-mas eve is only a half day. I had to use one of my vacation days to get out of showing up on Thursday. I guess you might say that my thank-god-it's-Friday will be on Wednesday.

That's cool. I think I can handle three straight work days. Sometimes I can even convince myself that I'm happier at work than I am just loafing around the house.  What a change!  I know.  I mean, it use to be that I worked in a hostile environment, but now my co-workers are really fun to be around.

Some of the stuff I've managed to nip in the bud is my incessant need to update my blog at work on the staff computers.  I still use my phone to read messages, but lj is all but obsolete — I started too late — and I'm not one to network for lj-friends and readers.  Don't get me wrong, if I received any replies to my blog entries, other than spam, I would enjoy reading and replying to them.  I just won't go out of my way to gain more traffic. Blog fame corrupts creativity IMO.  I mean, when I started to scan my updates from the hard copy scans of pages I produce with a manual typewriter, my freedom to be creative was stunted because I felt everything had to be typed in screenplay format.  I might be impelled to do the leg work for networking the idea of publicizing a screenwriting blog, but I just feel my coding days are over and done with.  WYSIWYG would be the premise of the blanketsin concept.

In fact, I started trying to do just that (around the time I created the blogroll menu containing many typewriter enthusiasts from different blogging services.) Lj members have dwindled and I don't see it coming back up to par to compete with the mainstream. It shouldn't matter, of course, if my idea were good enough to run on any platform. I mean, what? the only difference is the development of blogger, wordpress, etc. but they all pretty much do the same thing. And the concept of my idea revolves around the grassroots of writing anyways. High tech widgets, calendars, linking to social media sites have no place in my idea. If I could do what I do on a blank white background, that would be good too. It's only because I find it easier to type on paper and scan to computer instead of coding all the tabulations and indentations that typewriters are required to take part in the creativity.

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