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When I first picked up my guitar, I was anxious to learn to play ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE by KISS. I found the sheet music somewhere but soon became discouraged when I reached the solo. Solo riffs are difficult for me still. I didn't have a copy of the song in which the solo was played and I searched and searched to try to find which album the version I needed could be purchased. I never did find it.
    It wasn't until yesterday that I heard this song (my favorite version) played on Jack FM. Fortunately, nobody was on the computer and I pulled up their web site, browsed the curently/last play list and found the album in which the solo is included. I don't know what I'm waiting for (x-mas) before I download it. I want to find a good place to do my taxes, make an oil change and laundry. Wouldn't it be a perfect world if I managed to find an accountant who would do all three.
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