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Coders at Work
CODERS AT WORK is available for half price. Why it isn't available at libraries (at least not at the LA public library) is beyond any understanding, especially since I recently enrolled myself in an interest group for stimulating the imagination of computer/smart phone enthusiasts. Next meeting is in two weeks and I hope to change this. Even if my radical ideas in creating programs focusing on merging the Internets with libraries aren't heard, I would hope this book is adopted as a guideline of sorts to base this campaign in making computer challenged peeps more receptive to the computer age.

Funny how I never would've discovered the book had I not downgraded my cell phone from the galaxy note to the Kyocera Torque. I just discovered screen capturing might be a setback for how I get things done, but I'm happy with the sound quality my new phone is prominent in and if I really wanted to capture an image, I can always get off my ass and do it on the laptop.


Figured out how to take a screenshot with my Kyocera Torque [hold down the volume button to lower volume simultaneously while pressing down power button a few seconds]

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