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Since Feb 3 was Saturday, I guess March 3 will also be Saturday. So, to find out what day it is when it matters, I multiply.


then add 3 because that's the day Saturday began.


Now, just by looking at the first equation multiplying seven, I can determine that the month of March will have a total of five Saturdays. Huh, what? The numerator being 4, plus one (to compensate for the first week which would be any number between the range 1 to 7) makes five (5).
*** muahaha ***

I'm not finished

The second equation where I add 3 tells me what day the last Saturday of March will be. Thirty-one since the month of March contains 31 days. Hence, April will have a Friday the 13th because the first Saturday of April falls on a 7. So, to find out what day it is when it matters, I multiply


Here I don't need to add anything since Saturday, for April, begins on 7. The last Saturday of April is 28 and there are still two days left over since the month of April contains 30 days. Compensating for that and counting off on my fingers, I conclude the first Saturday in May will be on the 5th.


The last Saturday of May is on the 26 and the first Saturday of June is the 2nd, and BTW April has 4 Sats.

This could have been done so much easier if I had just opened Terminal on my computer and typed cal 6 2007

Now, I go to and I pull up a movie title like An American crime. I go to the link that tells me its release date and I click the link to see a list of other movies released on that day. This is the URL for such a task

Now the fun part begins. WARNING! this only leads to insanity. Change the number 17 to a 1 and the month to June and I have a list of all the movies that will be released on the day when it matters.

  1. The cellar door

  2. Craig

  3. Eagle vs. Shark

  4. Gracie

  5. Have love, will travel

  6. Hot rod

  7. Knocked up

  8. Monocerus

  9. Mr. Brooks

  10. My blueberry nights

  11. Planet B-boy

  12. Polycarp

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