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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for June 2015

From Twitter, Monday, 6-1-2015

9:17 AM - New 12" arrived couple days ago. Tried merging ext HD used for backing up old laptop w Time Machine. Gave up. Guess all my digital tunes ded

11:29 AM - the new macbook air arrived and no way, no how am i ready rack my brain
[ ]

4:15 PM - @SunnyMabrey there's no real way of knowing which parts of the sentence r inflected by jes reading that phrase eh -- unless u know an Aussie

4:59 PM - Jesus H! Jes learned that there's a high chance my ext HD, with all my MP3s, is kaput. Took 4 hrs driving around town talking to techs. ????

6:34 PM - Whoever you are in the black car w illegally tinted windshield, help urself 2 some road rage. Being cut off is never pretty, is it?

6:41 PM - @LauraJSilverman no such thing as a limit, especially if ur recycling the wax into balls to shoot pesky raccoons w slingshot at that hour.

9:50 PM - @SunnyMabrey --/ohhh/--the deep groaning of lust jes b4 the climax of raising his scythe for the bloodiest kill in his career

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-2-2015

8:34 PM - Once ina while I'm so jittery with my hands in my phone, i startle myself when phone starts playing radio. #Knac

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-3-2015

3:02 PM - look closely at this mirage and see the matrix
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 6-4-2015

8:42 AM - @LauraJSilverman there goes my plans for an enema

93 93/93

8:21 PM - gematria and numerology
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 6-5-2015

2:41 PM - I checked in at Hugo's Tacos on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 6-8-2015

1:29 PM - Since that stylus to my Galaxy Note broke, I've found a better use for the crevice where the pen rests.
[ ]

3:19 PM - @SunnyMabrey no animals were harmed in the making of this Vine

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-9-2015

9:19 AM - So I'm washing my face in the shower vigorously scrubbing up, down, when my finger jams into my nostril. Next thing, i see blood dripping.

9:56 PM - Cheers! Am jes polishing off my first bottle ever of Jameson's
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-10-2015

1:14 PM - I have short term memory issues. Its gotten so bad that I can't recall whether my gf has restraining orders, so I play it safe and stay away

10:18 PM - In a hundred years, when movies become MYST3K candidates, my nothingness will be astounded that I sat thru THE DAMNED.

From Twitter, Thursday, 6-11-2015

12:29 PM - @SunnyMabrey
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 6-12-2015

7:53 PM - why can't i do talkies? I'm really funny guy.
[ ]

10:17 PM - okay, wait. it's the 20th century then?
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 6-13-2015

8:33 PM - If anybody asks, my suprvsr kicked me in the shin bcuz she was unhappy that I got my work done b4 she could think of something else 4me todo

From Twitter, Sunday, 6-14-2015

5:58 PM - so tired. just want sleep. shh please. Zzzzz
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 6-15-2015

3:53 PM - It feelsgood totake thebike towork fora change. Cages suffocate, and the climate this morning was so refreshing.

9:35 PM - Freaked out right now. Working in study when i find a button on the chair (which i didn't see when i sat) and i dunno where it came from =:o

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-16-2015

11:06 AM - I don't wear glasses anymore bcuz my hair told me the constant pulling off and putting on again of the specs is wreaking havoc with my hair.

11:10 AM - @AnaGNews that looks like my bearded dragon that ran away in 2011

10:13 PM - when reading to the rhythm means being a one man band
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-17-2015

3:17 PM - how I'm going to feel at sturgis with my little Sportster surrounded by all the touring bikes
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 6-18-2015

12:03 AM - Human suffering is screening part 3 of Henry Fool trilogy #nedrifle. Don't get me wrong, Aubrey plaza's boobs r great.

12:10 AM - On the plus side, tho, I had a positive experience streaming the free movie using my LA public library card on site.
[ ]

7:18 AM - @MJRiggins my dark place has me marveling over my phone number containing the number four twenty in it.

11:10 AM - W/all the probe satellites earth puts into orbit,if there was an altered dimensional existence, they probably think the the flybys are UFOs.

2:08 PM - Slow reads borrowed from libr which u hafta return b4 ur finished can b requested again. C f msgs were left behind as a bkmark in the 2nd cp

9:42 PM - When the barometric pressure is low, does that mean an invisible UFO hovers overhead causing a decrees in gravity?

10:36 PM - As far as online dating goes, it feels worse than my previous status of single and lonely cuz I feel obsolete amidst hundreds of candidates.

10:40 PM - @LauraJSilverman story of my life /m\

10:57 PM - Slayer Guitarist Wears ?Kill the Kardashians? T-Shirt
...cuz even JHs replacement isn't taking the new Slayer serious
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 6-19-2015

1:38 PM - knife laws
[ ]

10:37 PM - @LauraJSilverman reminds me of how i felt gettin pricked by cactus sb planted on sidewalk in front of their house... jes cuz i wobble a bit.

From Twitter, Saturday, 6-20-2015

12:08 AM - What would Linus van Pelt do?

From Twitter, Sunday, 6-21-2015

6:32 PM - my urban pool of recycled washing machine water.
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 6-22-2015

7:47 PM - OH "why don'tyou stabur face while ur moving?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-23-2015

11:48 AM - Why should i have to go out of my way to "hide" suggested posts that are plainly just ads on twitter? #suckytweets

11:56 AM - I'm not sure, but i think mebbe my gf really meant it this time and I'm not gonna have anyone 2 go with 2 c Ted 2 #offandonagain #breakup(s)

9:33 PM - sewing technique supplies: thread, needle place patch sideways. leave top side open for using as pen pocket
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-24-2015

12:13 AM - Our culture is crude in that way. If you say who u r, who even cares? Blast fooles.
[ ]

12:15 AM - @SunnyMabrey I'm hungry

1:44 AM - Rides em cowboy! Yahoooooo
[ ]

10:07 AM - @NewsTypewriter: Tweets from a 1940s newsroom typewriter ...
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 6-25-2015

2:52 PM - Depression hits when i go 2 read up on tweets, but the ads twitter sponsors appear 2b more interesting than my comedian twittr subscriptions

3:29 PM - Snapchat just drained my monthly allotment of data usage in one minute.

From Twitter, Friday, 6-26-2015

4:02 PM - 3 hr long physical? something is not right in Kansas
[ ]

6:24 PM - going to mkt.trying to be as inconspicuous possible. i dunno why
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 6-28-2015

10:37 PM - United States Numbered Highways - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia via @delicious
[ ]

11:04 PM - The jumble of numbers become clear. Now I can feel I can never lose my way.
[ ]

11:58 PM - @MarloMeekins I'm not lying when i say the 2 of you make the perfect couple. I luv Lucy all over again, or Ginger & the Professor

From Twitter, Monday, 6-29-2015

11:28 AM - Jun 23, 2015 episode.
[ ]

8:21 PM - @MJRiggins I luv u, MJ. Just wanted ur attention.

9:01 PM - @lisadraws: the most astonishing and awe-inducing thing of our time: marketing budget of minions

9:02 PM - @SunnyMabrey: Capoeira is the most beautiful dance that involves inverted scissor kicking another dancer in the larynx I've ever seen

9:02 PM - @GonzoVice: Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-30-2015

11:09 AM - @SunnyMabrey: El Creepo and @Stephbarkley_3 are killing it at Speed Dating (pt. 4)
[ ]

11:10 AM - @anabstar: Tomorrow came. I has the sads. Gonna sleep now cuz it's tomorrow.
[ ]

7:49 PM - preferably waterproof and self striking
[ ]

11:04 PM - @MJRiggins: Person that fucks up popular sayings while trying to prove a point #badarguer
[ ]


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