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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for May 2015

From Twitter, Saturday, 5-2-2015

5:36 PM - I has taken da naps.

10:04 PM - What a crock. Leave it to beaver to turn boxing into a defensive sport like martial arts. Where's the swollen faces? everyone's so pretty.

From Twitter, Sunday, 5-3-2015

10:50 AM - @KayliDawnnn you don't know how sexy you would appear with those choice words in the dialog (and that scottish accent)

10:51 AM - @Edwinjtorres: The mainstream press is giving you a very limited story in #BaltimoreProtest @BaltoSpectator
[ ]

10:51 AM - @rousseau_ist: First Arrest on North Ave
Saturday Night 05.02.15
[ ]

6:40 PM - #iguana
[ ]

6:42 PM - and of course Modred #iguana only has one thing to say: fuck you!
[ ]

6:47 PM - finally Modred tires of hanging upside down and pretending he's the cat (ignoring his food)
[ ]

11:33 PM - I'm beginning to see now
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 5-4-2015

8:13 PM - spacing out after finally getting around to taking a shower
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-5-2015

10:35 PM - @SunnyMabrey definitely the puddle. Unless of course you end up fracturing a few bones down there.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 5-6-2015

12:37 PM - I sat thru a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy and i thought it was surprisingly good (for a PG13 flick) #guardiansofthegalaxy

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-7-2015

1:07 PM - #evilotto #deathbyvideogame
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 5-8-2015

1:27 PM - Write! -
[ ]

4:52 PM - New U.S. sanctions treat hackers like terrorists via @POLITICO for iOS
[ ]

6:58 PM - @SunnyMabrey: Nothing represents our society's general pussification better than the 0-risk "fortunes" found inside the modern fortune cookie

7:00 PM - The way i felt when i saw that fireball coming.
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 5-9-2015

1:05 PM - dusie not sharing the hair pillow i made for her
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-12-2015

5:16 PM - My twitter feed reads like what boingboing use to sound like

11:02 PM - Hey day review: do sheep really tremble and that's why the Bahaha of a bleet sounds like a shiver effect?

From Twitter, Wednesday, 5-13-2015

10:13 AM - duck duck search 2 yrs after Jeff dies
[ ]

2:27 PM - Bukowski not burk
[ ]

2:27 PM - Jeff Dailey
[ ]

9:03 PM - Oh i remember now. Something about. .. 'scuse me while i try to listen to this band "Queens of stoneage" et needing to be loved by a whoah~.

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-14-2015

5:50 PM - Do people not use the term brunettes and redheads anymore? is it goths and gingers now?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-19-2015

9:31 PM - Phshh. Their money trickles down into the local collective like wastewater draining down a hill after a rain storm. #propertyvalues

9:50 PM - What i mis most s just having the ability to veg out staring at your face. Face to face. Its like my eyes were burnt by vga display syndrome

11:55 PM - Look at that cute face with the little 3rd eye. Awww
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 5-20-2015

9:38 PM - I checked in at Rock N Roll Sushi on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-21-2015

8:38 AM - @MarloMeekins i hope those airplane presents contained THC

11:52 AM - Why? What makes u so special that u can walk away from the stuff ur taking home & expect me 2 place ur books at the far end of the counter?

11:52 AM - Shall I carry your books home for u to? How about u stand to one side and watch all my other customers collect there things where they stand

11:52 AM - I mean, i know I'm hard of hearing, but i think I would've heard u say "PLEASE place my things on that side"

From Twitter, Saturday, 5-23-2015

3:11 PM - crop straight lines
[ ]

9:06 PM - What does icing mean?

From Twitter, Sunday, 5-24-2015

5:09 PM - @SunnyMabrey and that's when our real troubles began to surface, on the grand scheme of things

5:39 PM - I checked in at The Sidewalk Cafe on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-28-2015

12:05 PM - I checked in at Stein Optometric Center on #Yelp
[ ]

8:46 PM - #pollolococommercial are u sure you wanna say ur chef, an expert w/ cutlery, is still working on his spooning skills? Did u just edit it out

From Twitter, Saturday, 5-30-2015

7:02 PM - @LauraJSilverman you've got me thinking now, lady, whether the name Damon isn't the word demon misspelled.

7:44 PM - Where are you when you lose or break that flimsy stylus for the Samsung Galaxy Note ii? 25 dollars out of pocket. That's where. Just saying

10:08 PM - So in Melancholia, Justine is the underage teen being raised by liberals & taught a great lesson, in home schooling, about family life.

10:38 PM - First thoughts you had when you heard the phrase "why beat a dead horse?" for the first time ever.

And... GO!



From Twitter, Sunday, 5-31-2015

11:27 AM - I'll never get use to the train schedules for LA metro. Sitting waiting for my train to pick me up in 45 minutes. Weekends arethe worse.

11:35 AM - Political graffiti-Obamas reflection on a yellow painted rail car while smoking a joint and saying paradox misspelled
[ ]

11:55 PM - Loud Ones - In The Van #24 - Kerry King via @YouTube
King's voice in interviews reverberates. Found on blabbermouth.
[ ]


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