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Lying here in bed checking for new vines, instagrams, twitter feeds and I'm all caught up. But i still feel like snoozing. Today is Sunday and i have to pick up my wheels from service shop. Dreading this because it's 35 miles away and i have to spend 2 hours riding the train to get there.

I'm happy the new laptop finally arrived. I'm excited to start blogging again, although I'm updating this as we speak with my phone. Even though the computer is light enough to sit on my lap (even my chest) as i try to surf the Web while lying down in bed under my cozy blankets, the phone is even lighter. Although, after awhile, my hand loses blood circulation holding it up to my eyes, and slowly my hands becomes numb.

Playing hay day on my tablet would be ideal at this point, but i forgot to charge it over night. I don't download games on phone because if i did, i would have battery level problems on the phone whenever i needed it to call somebody, or do something with the apps on it. I use Google maps a lot.

Yesterday chatted with friend from reseda. Got an ear full about forgetting to wish her a happy birfday. In reality, i didn't forget. It took a lot of will power getting thru the day w/o texting her a happy b-day, but i was still angry about the bs that i deal with when i hang out with her. 

Since she had already unfriended me from FB on a previous argument and she never got around to friending me back again, she had to set me straight while messaging me how angry and disappointed she was. We're done. Again.

It feels liberating to be friendless.


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