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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for April 2015

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-1-2015

4:45 AM - Great, the movie ive been so anxiously awaiting a delayed release prompts me in a push notice on April fools day that its finally n theaters

6:23 PM - @anabstar hands down personal blog, because at least then i won't feel as though I'm the only blogger who came up with the Idea.

6:25 PM - @anabstar Emma

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-2-2015

5:19 PM - "I wonder whether it isn't true that that feeling doesn't exist until the time someone discovers it"
-Michelangelo Antonioni

5:20 PM - "His life goes along as though that feeling did not exist.

5:21 PM - "The man suffers in silence, without letting out a single hint of what is happening inside him.

5:23 PM - "For example. A man is in love with a woman who does not reciprocate. The woman doesn't even know it. Nobody knows it.

6:35 PM - @SunnyMabrey c'mon--first the dentist vine, then the FOS vine, jeez this paranoia should have its own name

6:42 PM - Here is the main attraction at my new work station these days. Something doesn't function quite right with the I to
[ ]

7:35 PM - @anabstar the answer is yes. I am. I discovered my graphics card's shot. Worst thing, i can't sell old 1 till i fix it to delete my ol'files

7:36 PM - @anabstar uhh-yah

From Twitter, Friday, 4-3-2015

3:17 AM - Routine Republic | 2015 Taco Bell® Breakfast Short Film:
[ ]

3:20 PM - oh the melancholia
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 4-5-2015

5:15 PM - @KingKightlinger: Today is the day that the Lord woke up in a tomb and said, "what the hell did I do last night and where are my asshole friends?" #hehasrisen

5:22 PM - @laina622 lol bwahaha -- please blink BTW -- and happy easter

5:27 PM - @KayliDawnnn you can always drunk tweet msg me. It would be the highlight of my day

From Twitter, Monday, 4-6-2015

3:10 PM - If prospective souls ascend into heaven upon death, does that mean everyone on earth a space alien?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-7-2015

3:22 PM - @nouveaudepart_ @MarloMeekins sounds like there might be a sequel to this vine

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-8-2015

6:42 AM - I justwould likeeveryone toknow thatthe racoons paid mea visit last but, whenthey learnedthe partywas canceled, raised a ruckus on myrooftop

10:06 PM - Shoulda coulda woulda, but I'm a pessimist. Said being dead and all? the only thing convincing would be seeing the film become a blockbuster

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-9-2015

1:29 AM - When i have trouble sleeping, i don't pick up a book like normal peeps use to do. I grab my phone and chk social media which makes it worse.

From Twitter, Friday, 4-10-2015

6:46 AM - @BlondieOfficial: 35 years ago, in April 1980, BLONDIE released "Atomic" as a single in the USA. Here's the pic sleeve for the US 7".
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-14-2015

6:39 PM - It felt good 2 do a mile on treadmill ystrdy, but the painful knot n my leg 2day s telling me sticking 2 a daily 1 mi routine is a bad idea

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-15-2015

4:53 AM - @anabstar it's always a challenge for me to see how thickly compiled blurbs i read before i find the one book.

11:39 AM - @anabstar just fake it and say your new macbook is on back order until June.

7:40 PM - Moths really blow

10:21 PM - @MarloMeekins i don't know bout others, but ur question clears things up bout Jesus whipped folk. I can't say I'd blame them. He is a looker

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-16-2015

1:54 PM - happy birthday @ellenbarkin !!

11:17 PM - I'm sorry, but my typewriter needs a fresh ribbon.

11:19 PM - I'm just tweeting to take my mind off puking after only 3 beers

11:26 PM - @anabstar don't kid ur self. Even buying now is going to have u waiting till June to get ur backirdered macbook

From Twitter, Friday, 4-17-2015

3:23 PM - when I reminisce the old days the way potheads use to sign one another whether they had any pot for sale
[ ]

3:45 PM - Friday night grooming
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 4-18-2015

1:12 PM - The fish tacos @guisados are excellent.

11:48 PM - I really had blocked this out, but i just realized it took over a year to bring myself to say hi to my high school crush. A whole year of...

From Twitter, Sunday, 4-19-2015

12:04 AM -
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 4-20-2015

6:45 PM - I guess one might conclude that I'm learning to be poetic with my prose while limiting myself to only one beer.

6:51 PM - The girls i follow on social media sites make me laugh and feel alive, I'm beginning to wonder if I've been doing online dating wrong

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-22-2015

10:56 PM - Heard on 100.3 that 50% of marriages end in divorce. That means half the country is destined to hell. So why does fcc prohibit heavymetal?

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-23-2015

1:57 PM - @Slayer:
[ ]
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-28-2015

6:54 PM - @DanKrokos @SunnyMabrey word. +that the gov expects us 2 believe a plane can crumble a steel tower makes me wonder why cannabis is illegal.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-29-2015

1:40 PM - I checked in at The Lost Knight on #Yelp
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