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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for March 2015

From Twitter, Sunday, 3-1-2015

3:22 PM - If binge fucking is a thing, y don't married couples rave about it? Is it because it only happens w newlyweds, or r couples w kids censored?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 3-3-2015

10:20 PM - @KayliiDawn i remember those days. Wear your head gear; get those things of as soon as u can. Sorry.

11:14 PM - So exhausted. Just wanna sleep, but i know I'm forgetting something. Mildred hasn't eaten.

I'm also remembering a weird dream. It's a blur

From Twitter, Wednesday, 3-4-2015

9:13 AM - Listening toGLORIA on the sound 100.3
[ ]

11:54 PM - Hell god
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-5-2015

8:25 AM - yes
[ ]

9:37 AM - Re: yes
[ ]

12:42 PM - I forgot to take my shot of Dewers last night, and wasgonna take it before leaving for work at 11pm. Forgot. Is ignorance really bliss?

From Twitter, Friday, 3-6-2015

1:59 PM - My laptop crashed. I think it's defunct. But am i going to fix it? Will I buy a new one? Bwahahaha!

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-7-2015

6:47 PM - @SunnyMabrey gawd thats so philosofical

6:51 PM - @Stephbarkley_3 Heheh. I can see sb chging their wardrobe. Admitting they did so (on here). Then encountering rewards, or death. Oohh Groovy

6:56 PM - Then she says: let's cu then. And what she's taking about is rly "lessee u comit."
And boom! He shoots himself in Head
In da strudal!

7:02 PM - I'm too tired and ugly. In justgonna chill in the dark in my lonely apartment. LisyenIng 2 GLORIA, space age lovesong,..

7:03 PM - ?? ?

7:03 PM - Yella butterfly

7:11 PM - Oh shit. That evil rabbit from the film donnie darko is in the tree shadows

7:12 PM - Look at all the rings around the earth. Like Saturn.

7:15 PM - A picture of view outside my window. A tree that is in the shape of a rabbit from donnie darko
[ ]

7:20 PM - There goesthat freaking ring/comet in the sky. Anybody else see it?

7:22 PM - Hope we aren't myself and i,we.

7:26 PM - Oh so philosophical. Sexy

7:28 PM - Did i thumble that one. I tend to lisp, drawl, and rep-rep-repetit... stutter

7:35 PM - The berserk thing is god jes have me a peak of the dif planes of heaven. rings of Saturn.

I don't dare go any further 2 blasph edmize bcuz

7:41 PM - I can't just wait to get my IBM selectric iii installed. I might jjess turn on a lightbulb n do it myself

7:42 PM - Oh i know my back will thank me for getting it closerto my heart. Not in that dank bedroom

7:46 PM - I mean, it's not like I'm gonna rush out and buy a new macbook air

7:55 PM - Jeez, i wonder what would hap if i started acting crazy on here (talking smack). Uy, gives me the shivers.

7:58 PM - It must be irony that something like that should happen. I mean, cuz the ides of march isn't here yet.

8:00 PM - It's nowhere near midnight and ... the (red) light came on at Mildred's.

8:03 PM - I'm so sulky i can't muster the energy to play the blues on my harmonica

8:05 PM - How uthink I'm literally gonna get up and walk up and down the street with my flashlight!

8:08 PM - Surely you donot mean I'm tuned in to space-cadet mode. Carumba. Questions pasa?

8:10 PM - I'd be bikerish hanging out with buddies when suddenly i have the urge to curse like a salter. So? Ohh, then there's this new work location

8:12 PM - I hear a chanting. Cheerleader get up. "We are number one"

8:14 PM - Dios mio. He he. Spell check chg'd that to Dios moomoo.

8:18 PM - Instead, every time i wanna say something, if i don't act fidgetty ( hands) I'll stutter. So, take ur pick.

8:21 PM - Wondering if lj still has any peeps who answer tech questions for free

8:31 PM - I wonder if the peeps at work are gonna be upset about the crude way i stored that salame in the fridge. Wtf, i was lashing at the diarrhea

8:32 PM - I collect dimes dated 1990.

8:33 PM - I love to cause them vintageness

9:02 PM - I chatterboxed a story bout how some teens stashed a gun (supposedly) in the bkshelvs at my old library. Never a dull moment.

9:05 PM - "@jtrygges: captured at 2 yrs- his family followed the boat..frantically 'til twas out of sight #OpSeaWorld"aBdUcTi0n
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 3-8-2015

2:59 PM - @SunnyMabrey @anamariecox profoundly said

3:06 PM - I promise to be more gentlemanly-like to the general masses. And to my friends too

3:11 PM - @MarloMeekins @BasedDrWorm if that was 'what's for dinner?" Menu..., i could live out the rest days with a smile

From Twitter, Friday, 3-13-2015

9:22 PM - I checked in at Howl at the Moon on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-14-2015

7:52 PM - Should be entertaining to watch that episode again soon. Just streamed two minute preview and have Morrissey's I my
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 3-16-2015

10:32 PM - @MarloMeekins only up to the point when Israeli Jewish fanaticals put a contract out for your head. But no, meanwhile I'm glued too you.

10:44 PM - Happiness is reuniting with a girlfriend you haven't seen in 20 years
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 3-17-2015

10:34 AM - I dunno bout everyone else, but masking my Dewers with coffee tastes really good. Happy saint patrick's day!

11:40 AM - @SunnyMabrey so you wanna be pinched.~

9:09 PM - @KayliiDawn guess old farts like me who jes look at the old food n thank our lucky stars we arent disposed of that way is the non-ed student

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-19-2015

11:12 AM - Don't u hate when you select a video to watch on ur phone, sit thru the commercial, then the application suddenly quits just b4 vid starts?

From Twitter, Friday, 3-20-2015

10:24 AM - Eating my cake and taking it with me everywhere i go thanks to the huge gaping hole in my tooth
[ ]

10:50 AM - @bassem_masri: Police beat man in wheelchair...#Ferguson
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-21-2015

7:10 AM - if it was me on that mech bull, there's no telling what mightve hap'd
[ ]

3:13 PM - I checked in at Arcadia High School Performing Arts Center on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 3-22-2015

8:39 AM - @300PoundSamoan: License plate for a true fan. #WWHSTD
[ ]

11:29 AM - pop goes the weasel
[ ]

9:44 PM - Is itme, or didthe littleboy giveMoses ablow job [in exodus]

From Twitter, Monday, 3-23-2015

10:08 AM - @SunnyMabrey i make monthly sub-folders and bookmark all my pages

From Twitter, Wednesday, 3-25-2015

11:51 AM - @MarloMeekins its the way google search engines decide what it thinks you'll find ingesting.Really, until u created ur user name years ago..

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-26-2015

8:37 AM - @LauraJSilverman Bizarre. sb in legal musta said creative prop is misnomer when ducks fuck bucks

8:55 PM - Will there ever b a reality show that caters to the question whats it like 2b in a romantic relationship w/ a beloved celebrity? If yes, 1st

From Twitter, Friday, 3-27-2015

12:43 PM - @KayliiDawn subconsciously your brain is saying "I'm Dick"? Ralph, Bruce, Guillermo all seem to have the same sarcastic tone, but u chose...

12:45 PM - @KayliiDawn i do that after dancing

9:26 PM - Ppl i add on twittr matter cuz i crush on them. The sad fact is our differences would never allow it 2 work. Twittr is a long dist lovestry.


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