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SimpleJournal client for my PowerBook OS 10.2

Welp, this is what it all has come down to as a result of my MacBook Pro crashing and displaying to blue screen of death. I don't want to bend over backwards trying to fix it and I'd rather buy a new MacBook Air than to take the laptop to get fixed by a Mac guru.

Also, it's a conundrum because even though I was considering buying a new MacBook Air a few years back, when I didn't need it because the MacBook Pro was working just fine, I want to see how long I will last without the hardware upgrade. So here I am using an old PowerBook that can't really surf the web properly because it crashes the browser before I can even open my blog page. It took a few hourse to find the SimpleJournal application which is a rudimentary way to update my blog without my browser crashing and resulting in the loss of a full page of thought ranting.

I'll bite the bullet eventually and get my new laptop, but I recently spent a wad of dough fixing my car and replacing a punctured tire. I really should call the insurance company to inquire about that tire though.

So, I just now opened a claim. Maybe I can get the new laptop faster if it's approved. But, that's not the only issue. Even though I need a new laptop, I am prone to sit in front of a new gadget for hours at a time. I have no life, true, but that doesn't mean I don't like my non-existance the way it is: peaceful. I've already set up the gigantic IBM Selectric typewriter where my laptop use to be and I want to get use to it being there before I bring in a new computer that might replace the typewriter's new location. The whole blogging experience for me is updating my blog with hard copy, typewritten manuscripts scanned on an old desktop computer and blutoothed onto my Android phone for uploading to my blog.

I like the look of a nice 8–½ by 11 inch paper formatted like a screenplay to dominate the pages of my blog. This here entry is meaningless to what my blog is about. If this entry were to be done properly (for my blog), it would be formatted like a scene from a movie script.

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