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Strangely enough, I thought this week would be stressful. Today Silvia was chatting about some of the odd jobs she's held in the past. Thanks to her work schedule, she's had to turn down jobs for Nk. When I heard that, I was a bit starstruck. It's not everyday you meet somebody who knows who Nk is, as well as the lack of movies since 2004. Most everyone knows how much I feel about Nk, and Silvia offered to try to arrange something where she could work my shift while I toddle along picking up doggy doody for the rich and famous.
    It's cold and I'm freezing my ass off. I did a search for a band called COLD PORTER, but the only thing that came up was some kind of folk music band. I went to the New Years Eve concert at the Whisky. It was the WILD CHILD concert and they were quite amazing. We got their late and managed to see a band called COLD PORTER before the main performance took the stage. Although I couldn't make out any of the words coming from the tea kettle like voice of the lead singer, she came across like Tom Araya, with her bass guitar and unintelligible lyrics, which is the primary reason why I like this band. Also, after the concert, while waiting for the valet to bring our car around, a separate party got their car before us. Unable to believe my eyes, I began to ramble on about how long we were being made to wait in the freezing cold of a January night (during a global warming drought) and how the group behind us obviously got their own car delivered faster because the lady behind us looked like Ana Garcia, the co-anchor of the channel 4 news at 6:00.
    Today's news report was a bit more accurate as far as weather goes, but I can't help not linking the name COLD PORTER with Chuck Henry's new co-anchor. The name COLD PORTER could possibly have made a transition of it's own much like web logs are referred to as blogs to mean web journals. I was in a trance earlier today trying to figure out where the word "log" came into the picture to replace "journal". Since everybody seems to be wanting their fifteen minutes of journalistic fame through their lj accounts and their youtube accounts, perhaps it isn't too outrageous to start shortening the term used for reporters to porters. Just think 'puter while using it [porter] in a sentence, and then try replacing the words "if you" for the letters F-u and see how sentences take on a whole new meaning, provided F-u is an acronym for everybody's favorite expletive.
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