Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Hah! my laptop has really crashed this time

The display screen is kaput. I'm too lazy to fix it so I pulled out my old old laptop. The one that can't even download firefox because the operating system is so old. I looked around for some weblog clients to download for livejournal and after attempting the extraction process with terminal on Clive, Logjam, ljupdate, centericq, lj-net, etc. SimpleJournal seems to be the only one I know how to execute.

I wish I knew my way around unix better. Some of the clients I've downloaded look interesting. While I don't think I'll be able to upload my pix (entries) with SimpleJournal, I can still rant. I don't know why ranting never appealed to me on the newer laptop. It must be because of it's ability to surf most any site, stream most every video, play most every song, and just do whatever the Internet has to offer.

No more.

I'm kinda happy this happened. I was kind of just wanting to store the broken computer in the basement and replace it with the IBM Selectric III typewriter. I might still do that. This PowerBook I'm using now can easily fold up and slip into the desk drawer since it is deemed useless with most Internet websites these days. I get error after error trying to open websites. I knew the withdrawal process could not be achieved cold turkey and this seems like a blessing. I won't soon be buying a new state of the art Mac, like the airMac that was catching my eye a few years back. I'm going to wait a little longer and rough it with the typewriters for now.

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