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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for February 2015

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-1-2015

3:07 PM - This yr I'm watchin the superbowl with TV on mute and SLAYER's Diabolus Musica side 2 on repeat. I'll make sense of game w/o play by play BS

3:23 PM - as for the superbowl commercials and halftime, im cleaning the iguana reservoir with fresh water. I use the dirty water 2 fertilize my ferns

From Twitter, Monday, 2-2-2015

6:44 PM - @MarloMeekins i know Popeye had the hots 4 Olive, but why am i thinking Brutus? Is it Popeye's accent or did he call him that to tease him?

6:48 PM - @Stephbarkley_3 i was lol, but then again i was watching the game at home. Why can't laugh aloud at a sports bar when my team foobars?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 2-3-2015

8:24 AM - I don't wanna go to work today, but here's a friendly gesture for the a-hole who made me feel this way?
[ ]

8:39 PM - ay what rate is the universe expanding?

From Twitter, Thursday, 2-5-2015

6:38 AM - @Stephbarkley_3 no ride-throughs for bikers

From Twitter, Friday, 2-6-2015

7:04 PM - Oww! Watch outfor thhat treein themiddle ofthe walkway. Fucking ay!

7:07 PM - Was itthe tree? Or wasi blindsided bythe youthtwitters oftoday?

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-8-2015

10:35 AM - apparently I'm an ugly ass fellow
[ ]

4:44 PM - Barbarella Neighborhood Bar & Kitchen on #Yelp: It's close to the other place
[ ]

5:07 PM - Look at that. Wtf? It's a sign. Entering residential area. Family oriented. We cater to short people. Ow my head.
[ ]

7:21 PM - damn, i have to work tomorrow
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 2-9-2015

10:17 PM - Kemp made it back to New York where he married Chenault and was to become one of America's most revered journalists.

10:19 PM - The voice he found was his own and if you were one of the "Bastereds" you had yourself a formidable enemy.

From Twitter, Monday, 2-16-2015

6:34 PM - How to put this... if movies come in 3 acts, then there must be some kind of stage to clarify what phase of highs cool ideas begin forming.

6:51 PM - How to put this... pt.2 rebooted. Movie kept pausing. Trying to relax b4 going to Sleep.

7:49 PM - How to put this... p.3 after taste in mouth from the phhgh

9:07 PM - That birdman movie is insanely good.

9:44 PM - Uh, what happened to the CBS news?

9:57 PM - A phone strap that attaches ph to ankle; so when u talk to friends with blutooth, you can swiftly kick-phone as you walk.

From Twitter, Friday, 2-20-2015

7:18 AM - @MarloMeekins that lookslike a QR code on the wall.

1:53 PM - @LauraJSilverman I'm here until closing today, Monday and Thursday; and 5:30 on the remainder of my week. I'm timid.
[ ]

3:47 PM - I checked in at Guisados on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-22-2015

11:26 AM - deirdre 25
i can't make my phone give me the url for the image file. OMFG! I'm tired of trying to figure out a way
[ ]

11:31 AM - Ok,i think i figured it out. If i use chrome app and long click on the THUMBNAIL, submenu gives me option to OPEN IMAGE. What a headache

7:06 PM - I'm hungry again

9:21 PM - Stay single. Stay lonely. When it's your turn to shine, the world will be your war zone.

From Twitter, Monday, 2-23-2015

9:09 AM - Sad but true. I can still copy n paste .jpg files bx flickr & lj, i just need 2 remember 2 use the Chrome app. Sabotage in upgrades b damned

9:53 AM - my lovely carnivorous plants, Drosera and Sandersonii blue survived winter
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 2-24-2015

9:01 PM - I'm hungry for fried chicken and guess what I'm going to eat for dinner tonight insteadA cheerios. That chirping cricket's sounding good

From Twitter, Wednesday, 2-25-2015

10:24 AM - @Stephbarkley_3 i don't know who you mean. Never met a @Jason23Nash but I'll let you be in my flick.

3:07 PM - @MarloMeekins you so funny. Me love love you long time.

From Twitter, Thursday, 2-26-2015

8:36 AM - See what i mean. Most any movie that is put on mute and accompanied by a heavy metal tune goes down like a spoon of
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 2-28-2015

6:40 AM - @daNanner doesn't your phone have a remote app?

2:44 PM - I feel spent 'cuz i visited my tax preparer who said i should return next week, then i bought a latte and a box of girl scout cookies. Coco.


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