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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for January 2015

From Twitter, Thursday, 1-1-2015

11:17 AM - I just tried this new app called #Tindee, it's helping me get more matches on Tinder!
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From Twitter, Sunday, 1-4-2015

11:20 AM - radiator flush
[ ]

11:20 AM - radiators chevy s10
[ ]

11:20 AM - good community board for info
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From Twitter, Tuesday, 1-6-2015

8:30 PM - @KingKightlinger that's' right, that's right.You hit the nail on the head. I think that's what I love about you.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 1-7-2015

12:43 PM - @MarloMeekins offensive becuz you left out the centaur's nipples. Right?

2:08 PM - @DayliKawn the best boobys are banana tits which probably couldn't achieve aforementioned feat from photo anyways, they're so perky.

3:59 PM - When u scratch an itch, do u finish w a caress w ur fingertips? If yes, Why? Are u lubing urself with body oils, or patting down scales/hair

9:38 PM - Did Ellen just make an aggressive gesture with the people's choice award, clutched in her grip like she was strangling it? I have it on mute

9:39 PM - @GonzoVice: In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile ? and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together.

From Twitter, Friday, 1-16-2015

2:44 AM - george nory hss a dif show? besides coast to coast on KFI, the patriot 1150am announced something about water front.
[ ]

2:15 PM - when you hear a predictable song for the first time
[ ]

7:29 PM - this was my ride home on public transit two years ago on NYE 2013-2014
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 1-19-2015

10:49 AM - @MarloMeekins
[ ]

9:25 PM - @SunnyMabrey like it's okay to alter the future by changing the past. When they figure out how to do it w/o causing an end of days event.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 1-21-2015

7:12 PM - Other day i saw a fireball. Woot! Wondering if i stay up to try and see asteroid #BL86 nearly miss earth on Monday whether i'll go blind.

From Twitter, Thursday, 1-22-2015

6:45 AM - At 16, @MarloMeekins bf + his "guy" friends were cheating on her, dodging labels & making etymological strides thru phonetics avoiding "gay"

8:22 PM - Can a person sign their life away just by walking and texting?

From Twitter, Saturday, 1-24-2015

12:14 AM - When i play around w my ph apps, i open app mgr and if both free lj & eljay apps are listed, their icons resemble before/after russian flag.

12:16 AM - @lynnbixenspan: "I miss my boo!" - ghost with laryngitis

7:13 PM - @anabstar the suspense is killing #MOSTLYTOPSECRETNEWPROJECT

7:30 PM - @MarloMeekins matches your eyes

From Twitter, Tuesday, 1-27-2015

9:06 AM - dusie loves being chased
[ ]

9:45 AM - Checking my nose 4 boogers because i forgot to check before i left home for my dental appt
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 1-29-2015

12:34 PM - Ever find a scout member to chat w/ only 2 return 2 the app and find that person has disintigrated? #worthyscreenshot
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 1-30-2015

7:04 PM - Hhhhhhhello
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 1-31-2015

10:40 AM - ... since that night Ella's presence in the house had been both protection and hindrance
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