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TiVo isn't the easiest recording technology to learn. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, and recording the local news, the upkeep of an archive slowly began to get erased because I had not specified whether I wanted to keep the recorded program for a set period, until memory space was need, or until I manually delete them. Some of the news reports before July were erased. The most recent on I have is Monday, July 3rd.
    Now I find that the "now playing" list is getting cluttered with the six o'clock news and I'm thinking of transcribing my fav reporter. Don't ask who. Here's a picture from an archive I tried to order prints from (but had little success.) If you follow the link and go to slide 120, you'll see whom it is this entry is truly about. I was going to label the subject line of this entry Obsession, but I'm not really obsessed. I don't think…
    Why do I bring up the TiVo snafu? I have no way of comparing the first few episodes when this reporter started working as a regular co-anchor so that I may see that her hair underwent a gradual transition of a hairstyle, creased on the left side of her haid, progressively move to a center part, then to the right. Honestly, I think the question on everybody's mind, especially my own, is what I plan to achieve by transcribing the dialog of each news report read by "her" since July 2006.
    To answer this, stay tuned. It should be as quirky as This is a knife. it would be nice to have something to enter in my tmtwngm I know this sounds like a cheap plug for a community that has now membership, and I apologize for doing this, but I find myself stumbling over my feet surfing the web for interesting material for my zine. I don't know whether the L.A. Press Club is a scam, or if I should have tried placing orders for prints of celebrity photos using various browsers. Also, in various attempts to obtain detailed background information… well, lets just say that I feel like I might be able to contribute to fan based info as much as the next website. It is unrewarding to reveal personal information of people the way paparazzi conducts themselves, and I find it difficult preserving my anonymity while blogging without discarding and creating a new blog account.
    As I casually waste my time using TouchGraph to uncover links leading to & fro the L.A. Press Club's site, I'm double tasking by playing the telecasts and transferring the audio to tape (cassette). Frankly, I don't like feeling blocked and that's just how I find myself whenever I pull up a file I simply break down in tears trying to write. I've given myself a deadline to just come up with a rough draft of what I'm called Looking back. So far, I have the synopsis in a nutshell, but I'm stuck making scenes flow in dialog. I'm so manipulative, I feel like I am trying to direct the characters through their lines as if a puppet on a string.

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