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Oct XX, 2014 © blanket sin – "Venice242"

On one of my days off from work, I decided to visit Beyond Baroque to see what it's all about. I may not have approached the building from the perfect angle because the doors were locked and nobody answered to my knocking. Beyond Baroque was a sponsor for an type out, an event, usually held annually, wherein people who own and use manual typewriters gather together to type stuff out in public. Weird, yes, but I would've preferred this picture be of the many typists with their typewriters. I have not seen any other events as much as I've search the Internet directly related to the one several years ago which got me curious about Beyond Baroque. Maybe it didn't get as many positive results as they might have been striving for; so they quit? I dunno.

I'm still using my typewriter. I haven't updated my blog with it for awhile, but I've been a nervous wreck because of work. The carpal tunnel is inflamed, and my god is there ever a dramatic conspiracy going on in the workplace. I'm just getting over a chest cold too. I figure I would update my blog with the Brownie camera pictures I recently got developed. That's easy.

All I really do is rant to accompany the picture with enough dummy text that it might look like a news clipping. I guess newspaper clippings are a pet peeve. I'm even editor to an institutional newsletter for Harley motorcycle owners. With all this stuff that's happening in my life, it makes taking light of things difficult. That's all my blog seems to be these days. If I watch a movie, I'll comment on it lightly. I don't expect to be taken seriously most times. Writing things down seems to help me remember things too, and when conversation on a movie takes place at work, I have something intelligible to say. I'm not just, "ooh, yeah. I saw that. Awesome."

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