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9th Nov. 2014
It's been awhile since I did one of these entries.   Usually I have an illustration up as the eye candy, but this time I just did a quick screen capture.   I've become so used to browsing the information highway on my phone, I've either create a bookmarks, scrapbook screen captures, or tweet my finds.   It's crazy how these electronic gadgets have manipulated our lives into habitual nerdiness.   I still remember when I would go to work with a memo pad in my breast pocket together with my favorite pen.   Explains a lot about all those missed years I keep telling myself I need re-compensation for before I croak.

I hope this muse holds for the entire midpoint of the Highschool series.   It is the closest word I've come across that explains that one scene I saw in a TV/movie about a criminal with a knack for approaching people who have information he needs and coaxing them to reveal bits and pieces of what he needs to know so that he could put them together for his own personal needs.   When I bought the SLAYER album Divine Intervention, I didn't know it's history, what it's about, etc.   I purely went by the title of the songs and these days, the titles that may have swayed my decision were Sex.   Murder.   Art.   and Dittohead (because I just spoke to a friend about a crazy situation I'm in and she later sent a personal text message meme that reads:   I don't care about losing people that don't wanna be in my life anymore.   I've lost people that meant the world to me and I'm still doing just fine.   to which I replied "Ditto".)   and Mind Control.   I haven't listened to side two yet.   The lyrics are so tiny that I am determined to type them up on the typewriter so that I won't have so much difficulty with low lighting when I play my vinyl holding a magnifying glass and trying to follow the lyrics.

I also liked the back cover of all the news clippings art.   It related so well with the zone I'm in trying to complete a screenplay.   Then I saw the calendar with red hash marks and wondered what the odds would be that the circled date in March might be my birthday.   This was after I already had purchased the album, which BTW happened to include the black vinyl.   I quickly searched what year the calendar might be referring to and looked up events for that date on google calendars.   What'dya know, my b-day was that day El Salvador had it's first presidential elections after twelve years of war.   I haven't yet fit that into my screenplay, but it has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with the plot.   Although I think it would be cool to have a couple SLAYER songs in my screenplay, I know that that kind of wishful thinking is not realistic.   But damn if I'm not going to be there on the 14th hoping to recognize one or two songs from this album (if I manage to find some tix).

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