Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

When was there last a c☧

I twisted my wrist. Heh heh.

Realizing that I probably shouldn't have tore up those stacks and stacks of reams of paper at work the other day. The following day, those muscles stiffened up and now they're inflamed. I wanna say inflamated, but I don't know that that's a word.

inflimmation. Fuck… I know I've heard that word said in a sentence.

Typing on the typewriter is apparently a thing of the past for a good reason. Too much typing can make you insane, kids. Boy… I miss those days. I would type up stupid resumes. Had an early PC and couldn't get the dot matrix printer to print properly on a sheet of paper.

Just got home from having watched a movie. Nightcrawler. Turns out, there's bits and peaces of scenes in the Echo Park area. Couldn't pick a better spot to include in on-location filming.

Good flick.
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