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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for October 2014

From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-1-2014

10:33 PM -
[ ]

10:47 PM - striking a pose after having shed some old skin
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-2-2014

6:50 PM -
[ ]

7:52 PM - 9 o'clock, I'm holding 8 o'clock hostage. Okay?

7:55 PM - @MarloMeekins omg,it is to laugh
-Daffy Duck

From Twitter, Monday, 10-6-2014

11:41 PM - Ever thought of it like this? If you take red pill, nothing happens, the blue one, Justin Bieber becomes president.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-8-2014

10:47 AM - Dreading 2day's speaker @ the libry cuz it just dawned how odds increase that, among Latinos, AnaGarcia may b interested in seeing him=:-o

4:45 PM - @EverettMartin: .@martinwaxman @JamesBigg If Mark Twain were alive, he'd probably only be active on @LiveJournal like @GRRMspeaking.

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-9-2014

11:01 AM - This colorful slip is used 2deliver items. Here thedeliver guy sent this dvd back to us bcuz #29 hardly visible.
[ ]

11:04 AM - Heres a recycled slip. Not only do they fall out of books, they're complicated. No wonder deliver sends stuff2 "from"
[ ]

11:58 AM - @MirandaSings is it true that people who have a beauty mark on their cheek like you do, on the right side of ur face, are nymphomaniacs?

2:44 PM - I got : Died while fighting for your country in World War II! How Did You Die in Your Past Life? via @play_buzz
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 10-13-2014

11:34 AM - 2 words: possibilities're endless #whitehat
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-14-2014

1:23 PM - Oh nos. Fav co-worker's a no show. Last Friday too. Bit teed myself over being told "piss-off" when I txt msg'd asking about the absence. B!

3:12 PM - @NewsTypewriter: Tweets from a 1940s newsroom typewriter ...
[ ]

7:21 PM - hmmn. looks like I'll be screening "Marry ME"
[ ]

8:14 PM - I notice thedating siteshave putme intoa computer nerd vibe. I also have a system i do every time i blog. I'm likea robot. Then ispace out.

8:20 PM - @MarloMeekins is nowonder turtlenecks arestill around

9:22 PM - I guess that'sthe sameas thinkingyou mightgrow upto bethe anti-christ

From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-15-2014

12:27 AM - @paisley_mae you and Coworker wouldreally hitit off

10:04 AM - @paisley_mae, meet Paula. Paula... Paula? R u not speaking 2me again? Okay fine.

--awkward. BTW, if ur ever in LA...
[ ]

5:00 PM - @laina622 #BEER ALERT: Back Home Gingerbread Stout returns to @GoldenRoadPub today! On tap at 5pm!
See uthere
[ ]

9:35 PM - Oh, jeez.i just senta tweetto overlyattached gf vlogger, @laina622
Guess thatshows uhow mysocial lifeis going.

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-16-2014

8:45 PM - bwahaha #Zoosk wants me to "verify" my photo my b4 i can send gifs to pretty grls. I think they found about the photo w my gmail name in it.

From Twitter, Friday, 10-17-2014

9:23 AM - When @Slayer retires, will the tribute band call themselves FILLETER?

From Twitter, Sunday, 10-19-2014

8:51 PM - Nightcrawler hey Siri (Galaxy), make a memo for me to see this movie when it premiers. Okay.thanks.
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-21-2014

8:43 AM - Suddenly got the guitar out of its case and surprised that I'msurprised i have no chops. Seriously considering lessons.

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-23-2014

7:17 PM - when the salads of fresh veggies you feed ur pet iguana starts to look more appetizing
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 10-26-2014

7:52 PM - Dint kno that my reverse psych on who wins the wrld series was based on royal typewriters being the loser writer's tool

7:57 PM - That sun storm thru of my rabbit ears antenna. I don't get ch. 7-9-11-etc. So am here @mohawkla watching game

8:23 PM - Place just across the street sells oils n incense. Made a quick jump between drinks. Jeez. Saw ambulances blare ö_0
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 10-27-2014

11:44 AM - Dear god, what a tribulation 4 a Monday. Anybody's guess whether I'm going 2 get thru this one.W/o revealing too much, pls cross fingers 4me

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-28-2014

9:41 AM - something else!
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-30-2014

8:11 AM - Fireball, the movie: a true story
[ ]


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