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    I am not a fan of the performer hosting the Academies this year. I was, but then I found out she was gay. I don't have a problem with that, but as it happens, I tend to be attracted to some performers who may have been intimate with same sex partners. That's so unbecoming. A guy finds an attractive actress to have a crush on because he hopes there is some possibility that fate could bring them together. This is my world, anyway.
    So, when one of those attractive actresses is discovered to be gay, or bi, I totally get turned off, although I am one of those men who find pictures of two women together a bit exciting, but that's a different story (a possible anecdote for a magazine article in a sleazy zine). I won't be watching the Oscars this year as a result.
    Last night I was watching the GG Awards. I had learned from CH on the 6 o`clock news that AG would be brown nosing at the festivities. I searched and searched the table arrangements for her with little success of sneaking a peep at her. Oh well.
    I didn't watch the whole show because I was distracted from writing my own screenplay, comparing a downloaded version of The 40 year old virgin with the televised version, chatting on-line and taking a call on my cell phone. I can't begin to explain to you how excited I was to have heard that one of the nominees for the film Babel was named Rinco.
    In fact, my friend who called last night is somebody I've confided on regarding this obsession I have of watching the local news at six. Apparently, I come off as sounding a bit psycho when I began sending E-mail to one of the news anchors. True. True. So true. What else does one say to a news anchor? How's your handicap?
    I watch NBC4 religiously, but before June 2006, I remember watching any local news channel, at six, six-thirty, ten and eleven which caught my fancy (all on the same day). Now, I find myself limiting the amount of TV news I watch by thirty minutes, and when Paul Moyer, Kathleen Williams, plug what's upcoming later at 6:30 or eleven, I simply could care less. Never having missed an AG episode, I am ready to spend time on compositing my very own boner jams 2006-7. I'll probably label it Aggregate StepStone-6 to 7, a composite of clippings containing only reports given by AG for review of linguistic New York accents or inspiration that might lead uncovering my own news for my E-zine. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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