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    I just got chewed out by my boss for making a major mistake at work. Here's my perspective of the error that occurred over the MLK holiday weekend. There's a certain corner at the salt mines that is filthy toxic. On a daily basis, one of the duties my position requires is to open this enclosure and pull out published media in the form of literature and other reading material. It's kinda like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Well, I probably unwisely admitted to having been behind locking this smelly contraption and forgetting to unlock after the dreadful deed is complete. Nothing could be deposited in it as a convenience to the vast public attempting to beat the deadline of their borrowed materials in order to avoid the hefty stippend for tardiness in returning their loans.
    I say, unwisely admitted because everyone has access to the padlocks and keys here. So, without questioning everyone, I take the blame. Ironically, this happened on such a free day as MLK, Jr. Day because somewhere I recall reading that this neighborhood is quite anti-semitic. Who knows if that has any truth to it. Forgive me for being a bit suspicious for wondering whether anybody else might've locked the toxic dumpster. I just recently realized that the employee count is rising and the atmosphere isn't so family-like anymore.
    I remember having been called into the boss' office a while back to address a complaint from one of my co-workers about having been short in responding to a work related question. By that I mean being crass. Well, earlier this morning, a familiar sorta question about one of the many tasks we do was put to me; I assume to test my temperament, because I also remember the same question being asked by the same person on another occasion. So, I didn't make the connection as far as why it was being asked again, if not for ditzy reasons or my original conclusion. Is 'he' happy today? or is 'he' snappy?
    You see, since 2004 (approx.), one of the computer tasks expected of us deals with backing up important files on the G drive. Before the hi-tech 'puter mavens digitalized us with a network and a partitioned disk, it was up to me to keep these files on a floppy. I haven't been doing that since we've amicably established such a beneficial relationship with the nerdy community (cool folk). Anyway, I couldn't grasp the idea that a co-worker might not have realized that after so many years! I had to ask another comrade who overheard me specify to the first co-worker that the files are saved in the "GEE DRIVE, GEEEE" whether I sounded a bit short. I feel on thin ice today. How does this effect us now? I imagine there will be loads of peeps claiming to have made the special trip to drop off stuff, but somehow didn't think of seeking a different facility since our toxicity was erroneosly shut down. And I thought this week was going to be easy since it is only just a four-day work week.
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