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Simple men

    You know what the trouble is about wanting to write a screenplay? Most writers enjoy a fantasy of writing as good as, or better than, their favorite movies. Depending on a writer's taste in entertainment, some of the movies writers strive to compete against are films that have Oscar nominee ranking. However, some eccentric writers can be quite dull in their choice of what their idea of a good movie is, and my own eccentricities are anything containing the actress Elina Löwensohn is good. So my tivo recorded Simple men. I didn't know Elina was in it because the description on my DirecTv screen only contained the actors Robert Burke, Bill Sage and Karen Sillas. It didn't take long for Elina Löwensohn to make her appearance and pick up the pace of the film.
    I enjoyed the dialog in this film. I thought it was very much my speed in my own endless obstacles of writing a movie script. Maybe a person has to be a Löwensohn fan before they can appreciate a film like this. Some of the more popular films with her in it are

  1. A very long engagement

  2. Schindler's list

  3. Nadja

  4. Basquiat

    It's hard to say whether the determining factor that made all the difference in this film is attributed to the writer/director Hal Hartley. I really only've seen the one movie, but I may have caught bits of Henry Fool. According to some imdb member message board entries, the reason I liked this film is because the dialog is sorta comic-bookish. The odd thing is, in 1992, when the film was released, I probably wouldn't have bothered seeing it if somebody paid me. Where I was in `92 was temping through various employment agencies and taking some classes in college. In `93 I became fed up with college thinking that the entire board of education was made up of shysters best described as people who steal candy from babies. This resulted in having to retake US History over because I simply didn't know how to study to pull a C in that class the first time. Now I'm glad I didn't stay in college because it seems like a life in graphic design might have been boring. I can barely bring myself to hold up a sketch pad long enough to draw a circle, but I still love calligraphy pens.
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