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Bier de Stone

what was that bottle?

Last week I went to the SSMF.  I also went to the Eagle Rock Music Festival yesterday.  What a difference.   I had a great time last night meeting new people from a meetup group that planned an after party in Pasadena.   unfortunately, the venue for the after party had a dress code and I was dressed in a tee and a leather MC vest  (not the most common attire for a dance club like Club 54).

The sunset strip music festival was $60 better.   As I walked up and down the street from stage to stage, a tween handed me a bottle of what seemed like an energy drink.   And I felt old.  She said it was a conditioner for drinking to lessen the after effects of alcohol.  I was to drink one bottle, the size of a 5 hour energy drink, for every 6 drinks.   Does anybody know what this is called?   I was too busy having fun to notice.

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