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Yumm! My mom stopped by to offer some food from my nephew`s b-day party. I think he`s about 7, 8 or 9. Maybe 6. Maybe 10. I do`nt know.

They left pretty early and just now got back. They get their meat at a place on Cypress Ave and Granada in Cypress Park. So, I had some of that, some rice, some pasta, some salsa, a hotdog, tortillas… a coffee, two doughnuts (left over from this morning.) I would say this is more than satisfying considering I skipped lunch and I was becoming worried. I wanted to go to the b-day party, but I keep telling myself I`ll spend the whole day with my nose in a book. In the end, I end up all frustrated from trying to figure out how to type a simple text file on the computer which takes me the whole afternoon.

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