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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for September 2014

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-3-2014

3:45 PM - Holy mother of... I don't want to b here. I dint wanna b here when my shift started and I'm not wanting to b here between 5:30 and 8 o'clock

3:53 PM - @300PoundSamoan: Hump Day Gonzo Art #15
[ ]

4:26 PM - @kellyoxford typewriters

4:30 PM - Just sat in a spot of shade on a wall around pkg lot eating lunner (carrots and V8). The wifi/3g failed me and my break suckt because of it.

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-4-2014

5:20 PM - Last bit i remember hearin Joan Rivers say to a paparazzi was that the 1st lady is a tranny. I'll miss you, funny lady. Thx 4 making me laf.

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-6-2014

8:29 PM - #sloohpitbull Anybody know of a recorded copy of the live stream I can watch?

From Twitter, Monday, 9-8-2014

12:08 PM - @lurie_john y'all mayb gotta get out more to yellowstone. This looks like a hairy bison to me, although it somehow got itself a reverse perm

12:15 PM - Thought I'd read what i have so far accumulated in screenplay b4 i proceed. I must b nuts if I think I can link all these scenes n2 one plot

12:21 PM - @yeslaurenevans crazy canadians. Surely that gal over there running in z rain like nothins wrong is high on grass. Wait. Mebbe I should try

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-9-2014

6:19 AM - @SunnyMabrey brunettes are mysterious

11:10 AM - getting the lunch order right.
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-10-2014

8:50 AM - "@SunnyMabrey: Bedtime convo with a Dramatic Movie Plot" so sexy
[ ]

11:12 PM - Don't you hate when the neighborhood skunk is let loose in town?

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-11-2014

7:49 AM - Rise and shine

From Twitter, Friday, 9-12-2014

9:29 AM - If Jobs were here he'd say forgetaboutit 2 the Hanx writer app and point every1 2 my blog which consists of scanned typewriter hard copies.

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-13-2014

8:48 PM -
[ ]

10:57 PM -
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-17-2014

9:57 PM - Writers can no longer vent by shooting their computer the way Hunter S. Thompson shot his IBM typewriter. Now they must shoot at the clouds.

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-18-2014

5:07 PM - My life is an open book. I hope you enjoy it because I'm sure as hell not.

5:28 PM - @TopTruthSeeker Back in Black by AC/DC

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-20-2014

11:39 AM - i like the cornish rex and sphinx
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 9-21-2014

7:11 PM -
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 9-22-2014

5:16 PM - @NewsTypewriter: Tweets from a 1940s newsroom typewriter ..,
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-23-2014

6:43 AM - @ColleenB123 super cute how u openly reveal ur Miranda. I'm sure if u didn't have the Colleen vlog, everyone wouldb wonderingwhat ulook like

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-27-2014

8:59 PM - Has someone invented a way to dj while driving? Car of future is going in direction of laptop ports. Right?

9:32 PM - I thinkI'm goingto buy a tape deck for my car
[ ]

9:46 PM - My cd player is jammed
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 9-28-2014

12:24 AM - insomnia
[ ]

9:55 AM - @sirCharlieScene: How do you eat your corn? #aroundtheworld #typewriter #deepthroat #ohshitnice Scribs818
[ ]

1:42 PM - shopping for a replacement car stereo with tape deck
[ ]

11:51 PM - ufo blog
[ ]


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