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Family bar b cue day

I'm allowed one beer

Grilling commences as early as 10:00 AM

I went to bed at 12:30 last night.  Rise and shine was at 8:15 (now).  That leaves me with two hours to start the fire in the bbq pit and put on the meat.  Life is grand.  I haven't really blogged this way in awhile.  I guess I can blame the manual typewriter for that, as I'm determined to get 120 pages complete for the HIGHSCHOOL series of entries I've been numbering on the top right corner of the page.  While nothing is probably making much sense in the area of flow, I expect the editing process is going to be another reason for not updating my blog as frequently as I would like.

Why I'm deciding to update my blog like a normal person

It's not as if I'm going thru another stage of Now I'm Going to be Serious About this Whole Blogging Business and find some Sponsors

It irks me when I can't double space after reaching the end of a sentence.  I saw somebody's blog the other day (I think it was on wordpress) and I noticed that they managed to successfully double space after some sentences.  I'm like WTF?!  I didn't know wordpress allowed you to do that, I thought HTML was the same whether one uses wordpress, blogspot, or livejournal.  Tinkering on the keyboard, I managed to figure out a makeshift way to fool HTML so that it doesn't reduce my double spacing to just one space.  The secret is in the ampersandtag emsp;, followed by a regural space of course.  So, when I reach the end of a sentence and type a dot for a period, instead of using my thumb on the space bar, I'm ampersandtagging (cntr + v) emsp; and starting a new sentence.

And now the bullshit
The main premise is still there

The reason my HIGHSCHOOL series of entries are probably not going to flow smoothly when reading from start to finish is because all I'm doing is ranting my thoughts that I would normally type as a blog entry.  An example would be this last entry which I had wanted to express my opinion on the nine year old girl in Arizona who popped her shooting instructor in the head.  Some people might say, it's never too young to learn to shoot a gun.  I disagree.  At the very earliest, I think the driving age would be better suited to introduce firearms to children.  Of course, I didn't get the chance to express all these opinions in the script, but sometimes I'll type things in just to fill up space.

I'll probably start the editing process at page 90.  I could use some ideas for a b-story, if anybody's reading.  The ending is that the main character dies.  The problem is I don't know how to bring about the circumstances of his death.  I'm considering a motorcycle accident, but that's boring.  Any ideas?


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