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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for July 2014

From Twitter, Tuesday, 7-1-2014

7:59 AM - susan lindauer comments about the mysterious trucks parked in front of the twin towers ten days before 9/11
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8:00 AM - misc footage supporting government lies. I never saw the classroom footage just before Prez Bush was informed th...
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8:00 AM - retired pilot John Lear on his opinion of the 9/11 conspiracies
[ ]

8:00 AM - interview with retired US Major General of the United States on his opinion on the 9/11 conspiracies
[ ]

8:00 AM - Always eager to watch new theories on the lies that th government felt they needed to make because they knew as ...
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8:07 AM - There is no need for book burning riots anymore because computers were invented.

10:37 AM - so far, 2 must see features: This short, and Nymphomaniac 2
Unleashing the Animal Within: An Interview with NK '14 -
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8:56 PM - Iguana Diet - what to feed and how to prepare it.: via @YouTube
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 7-2-2014

3:52 AM - It was ok living in a pig sty while I worked on constructing the Iguana habitat, but now that it's complete, there's no excuse not 2 clean.

4:06 AM - digital recorder
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8:58 PM - Umm, excuse me Intents, but where the fuck is me beer?

8:59 PM - It was here a moment ago. I mean, I know I'm absent minded, but WTF? !

9:00 PM - @MarloMeekins Oh, shut up. Humidifiers and weed is where is at right now

9:04 PM - I just lost my beer. It's around here somewhere, but I'm too busy updating my blog to search hard to it. No matter. I already had 4.

9:24 PM - Not embarrassed. Lost my beer. 'round here somewhere. what was I going to say? May b flat when I find it, but there's more in the fridge.

9:29 PM - Yes! I have a Tibetan fetish. I'll repost twits pix of anything and everything Tibetan because I believe, in the end, I will find LOVE.

9:32 PM - @BBCNewsAsia: Tibetan 'altitude gene' inherited from extinct species of human:
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From Twitter, Thursday, 7-3-2014

2:10 PM - @ShamefulToThink I love typewriters with pica size letters

From Twitter, Monday, 7-7-2014

12:24 PM - Prowlers broke into office at work and turned my desktop upside down.

9:38 PM - September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL):
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9:43 PM - @ShamefulToThink pica size letters mean that if you type ten letters (like the word Thanksgiving), the length from T to i is one inch long.

9:46 PM - As your poetry becomes gradually serious, sticking to the typewriter says something about you. Especially in an age of social networking.

From Twitter, Tuesday, 7-8-2014

8:16 AM - Maybe it's just me, but whenever I find myself thinking of those dance moves I made at a disco, I shudder. Unlike being in a moshpit.

11:01 AM - @ShamefulToThink that's a beaut. I'm sure the type is also standard. Unfortunately I'm only interested in portable manuals, not electric.

1:30 PM - @ShamefulToThink This yahoo group of 2385 members might spark your interest if you're really determined.

Good luck!
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2:39 PM -
Fridays 10pm to 2am is the last of the radio airwave programs to play decent rock music for Angelino ears.
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 7-9-2014

4:47 PM - Anybody going to GrindCore this weekend?
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 7-16-2014

4:19 PM - I haven't painted my walls at home 4 yrs. Now that I know the color combo I want, I just have 2 build encouragement to do that sponge effect

From Twitter, Thursday, 7-17-2014

3:03 PM - its just not the same battling writer's-block on a manual typewriter. I'm either surfing USA w/ the puter, or orb watching on the lawn chair

From Twitter, Saturday, 7-19-2014

10:58 AM - I got : You attract artsy people! What Type of Person Do You Attract? via @play_buzz
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11:17 AM - I wake up in the morning and check my fb, my +Google, my Twitter. What do people do AFTER they've caught up on their feeds?

11:19 AM - @trutherbot:
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11:23 AM - @MarloMeekins: Twitter! A place for those who need to connect with people despite heavy trust issues! An agoraphobic's dream! Join today!

From Twitter, Sunday, 7-20-2014

10:45 AM - @_iamcgbee typewriters aren't just 4 bdays nemore. Y not splurge on urself this special day and get the 1 that fits ur persnalit. happy bday

10:51 AM - @MuSiCh4Film look at portability so that you can travel, develop an Hunter S. Thompson complex, and lastly, have a beer and a hit 2finalize.

10:54 AM - I'm on a mission from god. Russia adopted typewriters to beat hacking spies, Germany is considering it. Only matter of time b4 US gets it.

12:38 PM - @MuSiCh4Film I'm partial to my Royal Quiet De Luxe. The Hermes 3000 seems to be more rugged, but it weighs a ton compared to my Royal.

From Twitter, Monday, 7-21-2014

5:44 PM - Happy birthday Ernest Hemingway

From Twitter, Tuesday, 7-22-2014

8:52 AM - Now I know y helicopters fly so low in LA. Peeos gotta get off their couch n c what's going on outside. UFOs could invade n we wouldn't know

1:41 PM - just encountered most obnoxious biker on way to grab food. He was in his car and had no consideration for me as I squeezed in between lanes.

2:55 PM - @trutherbot:
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2:59 PM - @GonzoVice: My nerves are shot and my temper is raw...

From Twitter, Wednesday, 7-23-2014

1:12 AM - Watch A 10-Year-Old Girl And Her Little Sister Own Slayer?s ?War Ensemble? via @UPROXX
[ ]

10:11 AM - Zooey Deschanel's Makeup Free Selfie Is Gorgeous: No Fair. via @cambio
I could get use to waking up to that
[ ]

1:12 PM - @Boothacus: ?@JustinWolfers: Says it all.

David Sipress
(New Yorker Cartoonist) did this cartoon.
[ ]

11:12 PM - Is 11:11 and I'm comparing the man on the moon with zapruder's Connally footage.

From Twitter, Thursday, 7-24-2014

10:47 AM -
Lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy girl. My bff needs a lazy girl sofa.
[ ]

8:02 PM - Angie Spitze
[ ]

11:34 PM - Aggie Spitze describes the sound a motorcycle makes.
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 7-27-2014

7:56 PM - The Basques may not be who we think they are - Gene Expression |
I relate to the Marian theory
[ ]
[ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 7-28-2014

2:19 PM - @GonzoVice: The highways are crowded with people who drive as if their sole purpose is to avenge every wrong done them by man, beast or fate.

From Twitter, Thursday, 7-31-2014

7:16 PM - @MarloMeekins I do that a lot these days. Only drawback is when things get busy, it's hard to tell when ur alive and when ur dead.

7:21 PM - @SunnyMabrey and here I can't stop wondering how I can go about erasing the non word therr from my auto correct dictionary

7:24 PM - Look what time it is. It's 7:23

7:44 PM - Omg. Am eating. Met 2 gals. Suggested photo down the line. Rebutted with "no" and "we gotta protect our image". I love it! Fuuuuuck!!!

10:36 PM - @GonzoVice did you say, "and so we bleat on. Goats against the turret"?

10:41 PM - I try to b as witty as that guy from Glnd HOG when I send out my email msgs to my biker buds. Lately I have had little going on in my life

11:49 PM - Work's going 2b absolute hell next week. I don't know how I'm going 2 deal. It doesn't seem like extra mousse is going 2b a reliable remedy.

11:58 PM - Think I managed 2 get thru 3 hardy drinks w/o pissing NEbody off 2nite. F I'm not behind a typewriter, it's ez 2 offend peeps w social media


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