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Hal decides September is a good time for a NED RIFLE release

Is it binge watching that journalists have termed the American pastime of waiting for the DVD release of their favorite TV/cable series? They then having a marathon as they watch each episode back to back in chronological order. Similar to a Twilight Zone marathon, a Star Trek marathon, a Game of Thrones marathon, etc. At most, a viewer will spend the weekend glued to his sofa watching reruns, but that is the difference between Sci Fi fans and binge viewers. To binge watch TV is to get your hands on a DVD set of the entire season of a cable series like House of Cards or Orange is the new Black.

I love those shows but like many others, I don't have cable. So I am stuck waiting for a DVD release, which by the time the production companies get around to that, I've all but forgotten what all is in my must watch list. I'm at the mercy of commercials to tell me that I can finally get my Son's of Anarchy fix on.

I wonder what the Hall Harley movies containing Parker Posey might be like. If you had all the films: Henry Fool, Fay Grim, and the anticipated Ned Rifle, perhaps you can binge watch all three. It would be different in that one would be perplexed at the difference in filming technique used for each film. September isn't too far away. I doubt I'll wait for the DVD for the last installment to the Henry Fool sequel, Ned Rifle. What should I expect when the movie poster starts appearing on bus stops and billboards? Bibi Conchalavski's tombstone, I'm sure.
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