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    The other day I asked a friend what their opinion was about the lack of news coverage that sometimes never gets on TV. A couple of days ago, the street where I work was sequestered by the LAPD. I simply assumed it might've been a drug bust, but some rumor about murders and/or murder suspects were being whispered about. Then, the day previous to that, on my route home, the street I'm accustomed to was blocked off and the only detour was in the opposite direction. These were both days when I attempt to watch the news at 6pm for detail or mention of what could possibly have caused the commotion — like it matters now that I'm home. I never see any news coverage about the excitement in and around the workplace.
    I haven't made an entry in a while. Laziness, I guess. Oddly enough, I didn't do much shopping this year either.
    It's all over talk radio and newspapers that Iraq is very determined to hang Saddam Hussein. My folks can always be found watching spanish TV. That includes spanish soaps, news, sports, and talk. I asked them if they thought the execution would be televised. Answer: yes. It seems the spanish channels reveal a lot more than english. I guess if it really meant anything, I could download the web version. If I don't, I know my friend in Germany will. She sent me the cutest cartoon x-mas greeting short. The gal I asked about the lack of news coverage saw it and thought it the cartoon of the three little pigs accidentally roasting santa in a crock pot was sad and dark.
    I'll try to contribute to this thing called blog more often. I finally find myself with free time to do absolutely nothing (again). But in a feeble effort to be creative, it seems that my attempt to tie up a few loose strings in my first draft of the next hit independent only spoils my spirits. The same happens to me when I tune in to watch NBC4 at 6p. In fact, I think I missed yesterday's episode of the local news as a result of making some sense of the screenplay I'm currently trying to put together.

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