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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for May 2014

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-1-2014

3:14 PM - Parking for people who have their head up their ass.
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5:48 PM - @LauraJSilverman that must be position 28

From Twitter, Friday, 5-2-2014

9:12 AM - Asshole chink in the white beamer: you are the reason bikers find a need to carry leather whips! Fuckhead

11:53 AM - @anabstar leather all the way. It's a lifestyle

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-6-2014

4:13 PM - @LauraJSilverman SPOT ON 140 chars (in caps, no less). It's all those haiku poems you've done in the past that's made u the peacock of twitr

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-8-2014

3:01 PM - Too intense 4 who? RT@GonzoVice:Let?s face it?it?s the tension of life that keeps the light in a man?s eyes, and keeps the foam in his nuts.

From Twitter, Saturday, 5-10-2014

7:30 PM - Wasnt 24 good? So many minds involved with getting a shooting script inkked into a scene, even if it's freelance.

From Twitter, Sunday, 5-11-2014

9:35 PM - The commercial of Godzilla swallowing a Mini Cooper reminds me of deep throat

9:45 PM - The commercial of the Car's jr guy turning into a metal clad being, looks like he's made of water, about to burst, while crashing thru wall.

From Twitter, Monday, 5-12-2014

9:31 AM - I've turned my Typewriter into a keyboard at blanketsin RT@ScienceScenez:Turn your old Typewriter into a USB Keyboard
[ ]

9:41 AM - lturnedmytypwrtrn2akeyboard:blanketsin.comRT @QuotessForUs_ :TurnyouroldtypewriterintoaUSBkeyboard: via @ScienceAlert
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From Twitter, Sunday, 5-18-2014

10:03 AM - Trying out a new BBQ sauce recipe. although | wish 1 new how to make a mango sauce with a hint of habanero tang to it

1:11 PM - Just had a bowl of onion dip soup.i was trying to make onion dip. You know, the kind that goes with potato chips; but I fucked it up.

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-20-2014

12:18 PM - Carrie was totally awesome. Lots of blood and scenes that make you laugh out loud in a dark humor kind of way.
[ ]

4:26 PM - Sitting here at my desk trying to figure out how to transfer files from Galaxy tablet to my phone
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 5-21-2014

12:28 PM - DVD bout 2 lovebirds making it in NY as artists s 1 of Z best films I've seen all yr. No wonder script flicks r out.
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2:55 PM - @trutherbot: NEVER GET RAIDED:
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From Twitter, Thursday, 5-22-2014

9:42 AM - Zillions of wannabe screenwriters invest in books, software and meetup grps, but mention a manual #typewriter n suddenly the numbers dwindle

From Twitter, Sunday, 5-25-2014

3:39 PM - Watching NASCAR. waiting to see a cool pickup truck commercial. Thinking manual engine do fine.

3:58 PM - I gotta say, that Toyota girl brunette is hot. #toyotagirl

4:13 PM - Smileys face. ... missed. Dammit. Oyyyy.
[ ]

4:35 PM - How does NASCAR put a camera in the middle of the road?

4:50 PM - 5/17/14 Thurs ... "I'm getting cramps" #overheardinla

From Twitter, Monday, 5-26-2014

1:23 PM - Look what time it is

From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-27-2014

12:11 AM - Who's that howling cat singing to? That voice... omg! Y hasn't NEbody put that feline in #glee or #americasgottalent for P sake.

12:15 AM - I can make the stylus from my Galaxy Note 3 sound like flipper the TV Dolphin.

From Twitter, Thursday, 5-29-2014

11:22 PM - Been skipping lunch at work. Sometimes I use my 30 minute break to take 30 minute walks. When I return, nothing tastes better than a V8.

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