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USB vintage typewriter keyboards are overrated

When i first saw how a manual typewriter could be linked to a computer, it made me want one. I actually considered purchasing the gear so that I could transform my own manual typewriter myself. I mean, how hard could it be? A little soldering, a few wires.

It was one of the things I would place on my wishlist for further scrutiny until I had a chance to ponder over the idea a bit more. In the meantime, I developed a habit of typing my lj entries on paper with my manual typewriter. I try to format all these updates in a screenplay format because, 1) my typewriter produces pica type, 2) I always wanted to be a screenwriter, 3) I have so many like minded friends, living out here in Los Angeles, who understand where I'm coming from writing this way, and 4) I've had it up to my eyeballs with technology. It's about time I utilize some of the html I learned over the years to try to make this trending.

the seed
May 26, 2014 blanket sin – "the seed"

My website design skills are limited, however, and i know just enough html to get me around setbacks which discourage the manipulation of coding an image into a page of text. What I mean is, sharing pictures on flickr dot com so that the image appears side by side with my text isn't the easiest thing to do (when blogging from a cell phone). Quite frankly it's a pain in the ass.


My Android can automatically upload my pix to my flickr acct, but when i try to "share" it, that's when the technical problems arise. See the url above? That's what the flickr app gives me to post in my blog.

I'm more of a layout and paste up kind of blogger and i like to arrange the picture I'm sharing as if I'm publishing a news article with a photo next to it. I still need to brush up on my css know-how. I wish I knew how to float the image within a page, but for that i have to copy and paste old code previously used in earlier entries. It all makes for a boring narrative to the doodles I draw.


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