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Open box videos are lame

I know my analog friends might be disturbed by this but I just upgraded my cell phone. I picked up the new note 3, started a framily plan, and received a free tablet. I'll need one of those flimsy keyboards for work for the tablet. You know the one, it's made of rubber and can be folded like a handkerchief. I like those because they're quiet. Course, nothing would compare to converting my typewriter into a USB keyboard, but I can't bring myself to doing that to my vintage Royal QDL.

I also for that watch that goes wit
h the new Samsung phones. Wow! The thing has a freaking camera. I can now pretend to be Dick Tracy. Eat your heart out Laura J Silverman. Who says being a sick has to be all bad?

In exchange for my phone, I also got a bluetooth device for the car. No more earphones. While I lose privacy with it because everybody else in the car can hear the conversation, I'm hands free and that's the important thing.

All these new toys I got, even the extra framily phone, we're unpacked at the store so that I could say with a broad smile on my face, "take these boxes and..." to the man. I don't need these sinking boxes.
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